Today I have been emotional between a close call and horrible traffic. The stuff with SIL. And Wrangler does not seem to understand why I am upset because we might not make it home like promised. You can do everything you need to do to get ready in 3 days. Dispatch asked us to stay out this weekend promising to get me home Sunday or Monday. We just ho our loads through Monday. No where close to home. I usually stay home two weeks to prep for Christmas. I compromised with Wrangler to stay home one week because of starting the new job and it feels like it is being ripped from me. How am I supposed to finish projects when everything I need for them is at home and I have done everything I can on the road already. I asked him to ask dispatch what our load after that one Monday is and he got pissy. You can get everything done in 3 days. There is no way possible. This holiday season has been hard enough starting a new job and being on a tight budget I don’t need this to. I think I am going to bed even though we have more loads for the day. I am just down emotional tonight and at my breaking point. I hope that dispatch comes through for me. That this don’t end up being like the old job.


Public Saftey Announcement

PSA of the day. Don’t pass a semi who is going 2 over and take forever to go around when another semi is coming. If it was not for a wide shoulder and both semis hitting it and the brakes you probably would not be alive today. When the other semi and us met they were in the center of both lanes between us. They went a mile up the road and turned. We don’t want a guilty conscious for your stupidity.


I am sad and heartbroken this evening. I will be lucky if I ever get to see my niece again but her mom has went to far for both MIL and me.

I did not have service for 12 hours. I was in a total dead zone. When I had service a long nasty message sat waiting for me from SIL. I was nice and civil addressing some concerns of late like being at Wrangler’s moms and one or two word response to text. Not answering right away. I said in the truck we are at your moms often I am sorry you are not able to be there like that. On weekends one word responses are normal to text because I am busy. And that I have been in Nebraska so much lately my phone don’t work. Her response back was I don’t need your life story and a whole bunch if nasty comments.

At that point a fb message comes through from MIL showing she got the same message and how she responded which I thought was actually nicely worded. At that point I told SIL not to text, call, or Facebook me anymore until she can grow up. I sure hope that she don’t miss to much of Wrangler and my life like when we have kids. I have her on mute on all types of getting ahold of me. MIL said the same thing to her. When you have such blunt disrespect for two people and they have had enough this is what happens. If I show Wrangler or MIL boyfriend hears her say the things she told us in text today if she shows up at Christmas it will not be a pretty sight. She was so rude and hateful my heart aches. She needs mental help.

Good friends

Its amazing that good friends know when you need a change without you telling them. We got homemade Mexican food from a driver’s family from the old company when we went through his town last night. He is the only person who has tried to reach out to us. He knew before we quit that we were going to. Yesterday was a good day. Things went better. We both felt better. Plans changed a little bit though. We are working this weekend. Wrangler will drop me and one of the dogs off Sunday or Monday. He will be home next Friday.

Freedom of speech

We live in a world where even though we have freedom of speech we really don’t. Pieces of work that have stood for fifty to over a hundred years are now racist. The radio and some books wrote today are full of more racist pieces than those old stories. The new is acceptable and the old is not. I just do not get it.

We live in a world that is just not fair but some make it worse by drawing attention to things that are not even that bad and taking then way out of context yet a really bad situation gets no attention.

We have celebrities who make some comments they think is fine and only apologize because their world was shaken up by the backlash. If there was no backlash no matter how wrong they were they would not have any notion to apologize.

We live in a world where children are starving in our own communities. Where the number of the homeless keep rising. Where the people who fight for our freedom are treated like they have a disease. A world where thank you so no longer a word.

We live in a world where false knowledge is easily spread with little to no research. We live in a world where people believe anything they see on Facebook. Where no one does any research before running with false info to their friends.

No matter who you voted for they are your president, governor, or representative. They effect your life with decisions they make. No one is going to be perfect in office. No one is perfect in life. But we have to support our leaders and write to them so maybe they see our point of view. They are not experts on every situation. We have to pray that they are leading us in the right direction.

One of those days

Today has been one of those days. We got a full night sleep some where between seven and eight hours but I woke up feeling like I was hit with something in my sleep. The alternator went out on us today. We had it replaced by Wrangler at the company shop. The place we loaded at ran out of product on the truck ahead of us so we sat for a hour waiting on our load and when we left there was sixteen trucks in line. Cinch got sick. The last two weeks he has thrown up four different days. I am getting tired of it but there is not a lot I can do other than clean it up.

But there has been some good. Wrangler and I got to spend time together and even though we both don’t feel good and there has been problems we never once took it out on each other. Today it’s like each of us has been calming to the other. The alternator could have stranded us on the cold shoulder of a highway. We could still be waiting to load instead we are five hours down the road unloading as I type. The pounding headache has gotten better after taking medicine because it was headed towards a migraine fast. On a bad day I try to look at the good.

We even had some laughs. Wrangler could really a comedian. He is a cross between Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall with his own spin between you might be a redneck of and here’s your sign. It’s more like here’s your sign idoit driver. Larry the Cableguy with his sometime gross and sometimes dark humor. We saw a sign for Willy’s burgers the other day. His response was so gross. And Jeff Dunham with his funny voices he does.


Today has been a typical Monday. A very important piece of technology that logs where we go deleted everything. The company had no clue. We had a three hour wait. I got about four hours of sleep last night and have been tired and never got a great nap going because Wranglers phone kept going nuts.

The picture is the sign I made my mom for Christmas. She is really proud of her chickens so she will love it.