Clouds from last night in between rounds.


Nap time

I highly doubt I am going to see much more garden time this weekend. It keeps raining me out. After a night of being up 3 times with Thunder and after finally falling asleep again being woke up by hail I am done for now and plan to take a nap later.

More storms

We were ran inside with more storms. Today we did not get much but we had a pretty wicked storm build right over us and the thunder was so loud. It did not even sprinkle on us but 20 miles east had bad hail and the hail just kept on growing.

Weeds and news

So today we got news on temporary fixes to get up and running again. We should be on the road again Monday.

Otherwise my day was laundry. Actually did not use the dryer for the first time this year. Most of the time I am such a hurry to get things washed that I use both. I cleaned some. Also spent time pulling weeds. My garden needed a little attention.