Cool Trucks

Cool Trucks by Mrs.Wrangler
Cool Trucks, a photo by Mrs.Wrangler on Flickr.


a really productive day

Today we spent the day at the lot.  We burned our piles of trees which were dumped there.  We also leveled the ground out some.  Well BIL is getting ready to leave so I am going to enjoy the last moments.

An answered prayer

Things are coming together finally after the move. I have filled out a lot of job applications. I have had some interviews. I had an interview this morning but lately I have not been posting when I have them because I do not want to get everyone’s hopes up including mine. Well I was offered a job. I start a week from Monday. I will be the secretary for a branch office of an construction company that is going into the town to the east of my town. I will have a twenty mile drive one way to work but I have done it before.

The company is just putting an branch office in this town so I will be in from the ground up. I think this is a good thing and is more along the lines of what I wanted. I really did not want to be in retail anymore. I wanted to be in an office again. I am going to get my wish it looks like. Once again I will not be using my education but that is fine. I was hoping for an agriculture office job like at a grain elevator or at a vets office but I am happy just to have a job.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

This summer has not been so bad

Summer of 2011 where I was living at had 60+ days in the triple digits.  To be exact 64.  We were in Southwest Kansas.  Summer of 2012 where we were living we had 68 days in the triple digits.  Summer of 2013 we had 7 triple digit days before we moved in mid June.  The day we moved back to Kansas was another triple digit day.  Since we been back in Kansas we have had four days in the triple digits.  Each week we have one day above 95 and rest of them are considerably mild compared to what it has been the last few summers.  Mom said summers of 2011 and 2012 both had around 50 days in the triple digits here.  The major problem here this summer was the humidity.  Its been really humid with the cooler temperatures.  We are willing to take those cooler temps with the humidity than the really hot days.

Summer of 2011 had maybe an inch of rain total from June until September.  Summer of 2012 had maybe an inch a half inch of rain total from May to September.  Summer of 2013 we have had around three to four inches of rain this summer.  In the last few weeks we have had about two inches of rain.  Last night we got more rain.  We got around a half inch of slow soaking rain.  The land is rejoicing this morning.  It is starting to rain some more again.

Compared to the last two summers this one is great.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Rain rain glorious rain

We have not gotten more than ten hundredths of rain since we got almost two inches a month ago.  Well last night we got an inch and a half of rain.  It started raining around six and still was raining at ten.  It was a slow soaking rain.  It means life for us who live on the plains here in Northwest Kansas.  Most of our crops have died but what is left rejoices.  Everyone is rejoicing over the  wonderful moisture.

AS Mrs. Wrangler