Double Massey

Double Massey by Mrs.Wrangler
Double Massey, a photo by Mrs.Wrangler on Flickr.

Wrangler and brother-in-law checking out a modify tractor.


Time has gotten away from me

I hate to say this but time has gotten away from me.  Saturday I spent the last full day with BIL (brother-in-law) here doing some of his favorite things to do here.  We went to the park and played around the house.  We played baseball and practiced roping until I thought my arm may fall off.  He helped me cook supper even.  I spent the day being upbeat and cheerful when inside I was sad that time had came to the end. 

Sunday we thought MIL (mother-in-law) and her boyfriend would be here before supper time.  We loaded up half of the house it seems like and took it over to the lot.  We had a camp set up under the trees.  Wrangler lite the piles of tree branches and mulch that had been dumped on the lot.  We spent the day burning and working on the lot.  BIL had his bike and his scooter over there so he was entertained when he was not helping us.  Wrangler asked his boss if he could borrow the loader from work.  He did some dirt work on the spot where we are going to live.  Around nine thirty MIL got here.  We had to show her the lot and where Wrangler worked at.  Her boyfriend treats Wrangler and I like ten year olds.  He puts us down at every chance.   He did not like where we were going to put our camper.  He did not like the grainery because it was to old.  I have noticed something about him.  His kids have the newest cars.  They are spoiled rotten and have tons of 4-Wheelers and toys like that.  One is in his twenties.  His parents buy everything for him.  So of course he has nicer things than us.  Wrangler and I both work for what we have.  We have no financial help from our parents at all.  Yeah we may drive old pick-ups and have an older horse trailer but we are not in debt as much as we would be if we bought everything he buys his kids.  We live with in our means and hate having any loans.  I was sure glad when they left.

Yesterday we took a pick-up to the fourth chevy dealer since we bought it.  Lets just say they did an adjustment again.  We are ready to get rid of the pick-up once again.  It was just not a great day.  Wrangler was upset and I was bored and tired.

Today is Brother’s last full day.  He leaves for school tomorrow morning.  I am sad that he is leaving but he is so excited.  I was going to start deep cleaning my house but have gotten nothing done.  Now I am about to run over to the lot.  We just had a nice rain shower go through.  I have some weeds to pull so I can plant some tulips that my aunt sent home with mom this weekend.  I have figured out where I want them so I am going to get the ground ready.

Well I better go do something so I can say that I accomplished at least one thing today.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Last Full Day :(

Today I feel sad.  To day is BIL (brother-in-law) last full day with us.  Tomorrow he will go home after spending seventeen days with Wrangler and me.  Its been great having him.  I will miss him when he goes because he is such a cool eleven year old.  Here is a recap of the last few days


We did not do a whole bunch.  We stayed home for most of the day.  BIL was hard to wake up and when he woke up he was constantly testing me.  By the end of the day my nerves were almost gone from dealing with this sulking mad boy.  We cleaned the window that we painted.  Wrangler only dealt with BIL for two hours but he was like me not impressed with BIL behavior that day.  It was the one day that things did not mesh.


BIL was really good Thursday morning.  He got up when he was told to.  He did everything in the morning routine in a timely fashion.  I was impressed.  He played for a while before I had my interview.  While I had my interview Mom took him to Wal-Mart and had no problems.  After my movie we came home.  Because it was raining off and on during the afternoon we watched movies.  When Wrangler came home I went and laid down and took a nap.  I had a migraine.  After a nap at least I could function.  I made supper and we all went to bed early.


Yesterday was another good day.  We spent the morning playing at the house.  After lunch we to the park.  Mom and Brother went along.  We spent around three hours outside playing in the afternoon.  When we came home Brother came with us.  When Wrangler got off work we went outside once again and we played baseball and than we just sat outdoors while Wrangler worked on the trailer helping as needed.


I am about to get BIL up for the day.  I have been up and moving for three hours.  When he wakes up I need to vacuum.  Than I will be ready to go for the day.  I am going to enjoy this last day with him.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

God Made A Cowboy

I was e-mailed this by one of my college friends right after the dodge truck commercial “God Made A Farmer” came out.  It is a favorite of mine.  When its describing the cowboy it is describing to men in my life one as a father figure Dad (my father-in-law) and one as the man I married my Wrangler.  When it describes the cowboy’s wife it is scary how well it describes me.  I guess that is why I can relate so well to these words.

On the 8th day God made the farmer, but he was not done…  He looked down on the wilds of his untamed earth and said “I need someone who will never be broken”.  And so his greatest work began. 

First he filled their belly full of guts and hearts full of try, then he called them a Cowboy.  He needed someone who could handle a horse, teach them, tame them, but never break them.  Someone whose soul  needed the saddle and would not change with the world around them.  So God made a Cowboy.

He needed someone who could find a hot bull in a hundred section pasture, ride a bronc, hold a family together, read a brand, let wrong doings go, and pull a tight cinch. God needed someone who didn’t mind dusty cow pens, Smokey branding irons, long days, and cold nights. So God made a Cowboy.

It had to be someone who could make a living with their rope, cow dog, and a few good horses.  Someone who would never know a 40 hour week, nor care too.  He needed to create a proud man, one who would take a stand and whose greatest complement would be to have his kids call him handy.  So god made a Cowboy. 

But after he created the cowboy, he was far from done.  While his creation was tuff and untamed, they would need more than just a good horse to share his name, and no ordinary woman would understand… the cowboy. 

God needed to create a woman who didn’t want store bought roses by the dozen but rather wild flowers seldom picked and sweet cowboy loven.  He needed someone who could take a good cussing in the working pens, love unconditionally, and forgive.

Someone who could open her own doors, sweep tack room floors, look past muddy boots on kitchen floors, keep a house, and have an eye for a good horse.  Someone who didn’t need lavish and flattery but would find joy in a spring born colt.  Someone who could raise babies, fix fence, patch jeans, and never waver in hard times of cowboy life…So God made a cowboy’s wife. 

And when God fashioned the cowboy and his wife, he made them in his exact likeness and image, and blessed them for all their earthly life.

Now that I shared some words that I did not write but touches my heart I am going to go do the dishes and mop the floor.

Smile its Friday 🙂

AS Mrs. Wrangler