Old Jail

Old Jail by Mrs.Wrangler
Old Jail, a photo by Mrs.Wrangler on Flickr.

Brother-in-law was mad because this old jail would not open up so he could put Wrangler in it.


Saturday to today update

This week has been much slower than last week.  BIL (brother-in-law) I think is enjoying the slower pace.


Saturday we were all tired after a long week.  Wrangler went to work.  BIL kind of chilled out.  I cleaned house after a week of hardly being home.  We really did not do much at all. 


We had a busy day.  We spent the morning doing a few maintenance  things around the house.  Than we headed up to Mom’s to help her with a project.  We ended up showing Grandma the lot.  Later we ended up showing Mom, Brother, and BIL the building on our lot.  BIL, Wrangler, and I struck up a plan of action on the lot.


Wrangler and I spent the day working on the building on the lot.  There is a lot of junk that is going to be hauled off.  Wrangler mowed the lot before the severe weather came through.  Right before the worse of the weather came through we got Wrangler’s pride and joy of a pick-up inside the building.  Its still in there because we have chances of severe weather all week.  After the weather went through we went back and worked on the lot some more.


I went with Mom to Goodland.  She entered stuff in the fair there.  BIL went with us.  I grabbed dog food and the couple of other things we needed from Wal-Mart before coming home.  Man I really hate that place.  In the afternoon I did not do much.  Had a headache so I did not feel like doing much.  BIL wanted to stay inside anyway.  When Wrangler got home we ran over to the lot long enough to show Mom and Brother the work we done.  Wrangler was working on the horse trailer while I sat outside enjoying the nice evening.  BIL was mad because we would not let him play the game systems because he had already used his time for the day.


I am planning on cleaning house.  Any time it rains little dirt particles of dry mud get everywhere.  It is horrible looking.  Because I am cleaning this I am sure its going to rain later.  I plan to take BIL to the park this afternoon.  I am also thinking about taking Cinch and Rex to Mom’s for a bit.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

hope one of my friends here is all right and odds and ins

Doesitevenmatter3 I hope that you are all right.  It’s been a while.  Today I am tired.  Between taking mom and brother-in-law to town.  To not sleeping much last night.  

We spent yesterday working on our lot.  We did a lot of cleaning inside the building.  Wrangler also mowed the lot with a mower he borrowed from work.  Brother-in-law is happy playing over there.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Lot work day

Yesterday we started to work on the lot.  We blew a lot of dust out of our grain elevator turned garage.  There is a ton more to go.  It has a lot of scraps in it we need to sort through before we clean more deeply.  Last night Wrangler pulled a tree out that we said needed to come down with his pick-up.  BIL (brother-in-law) and him had lots of fun doing it. Today we are going to work on the lot more.  Wrangler is off since he worked Saturday.

AS .Mrs. Wrangler