Productive Morning So Far

Today I have had a productive after a rough start with Wrangler.  You see Wrangler had to be work at seven to start the mill.  On days he starts the mill he has to start the steam 45 minutes before he goes in.  So at 6:05 after trying to wake up Wrangler for twenty minutes he reaches over for his phone to start the steam and knocks a cup of water off.  So I scramble around cleaning it up.  Then he can not find his user name and password.  He gets logged on and then he realizes his keys are in the pick-up we took to the shop.  So he had to go borrow one of his co-workers. He finally left at 6:45 and I took a deep breath.

I took Cinch on a long walk and worked on obedience for a while.  Rex and I went on a short walk and I took some pictures.  I got all the laundry done that I needed to do today.  I also deep cleaned my kitchen.  Now I am editing my pictures that I have taken the last couple of days.  I am going to take a few more pictures when I go get the mail.  This afternoon I plan to stay cool and probably go to town with Mom.  Wrangler should be home at a good time.  I have a feeling he is going to need a nap.  He stayed up way to late last night.

Today the high is suppose to be around 103.  That is really hot.  It was semi cool last night and early this morning.  After the last couple of days that it been cooler in the low 90’s I am sure today is going to feel really hot.

Today is also sister-in-laws Birthday.  She turns eighteen today.  Last night around eleven mother-in-law called Wrangler inviting us to a part for her Sunday.  She always waits until the last minute to tell us.  Wrangler and I already have plans for Sunday.  Plus unless Wrangler’s pick-up gets out of the shop we do not have a pick-up to make the trip.  One of Wrangler’s pick-up he has retired pretty much but to drive on a blue moon.  Its old and classic and worked hard pulling the camper up here.  My pick-up transmission still runs a little warm after thirty or so miles.  I have only been driving it in town.  Wrangler is driving my mom’s pick-up to and from work since its harvest here and he has not been riding his little motorcycle.  She is now throwing a fit about it.  Wrangler has told her numerous times to give us at least a week in advance for plans so we do not make plans.  Usually by Wednesday we have a rough idea of what we are doing that weekend.

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