Time has gotten away from me

I hate to say this but time has gotten away from me.  Saturday I spent the last full day with BIL (brother-in-law) here doing some of his favorite things to do here.  We went to the park and played around the house.  We played baseball and practiced roping until I thought my arm may fall off.  He helped me cook supper even.  I spent the day being upbeat and cheerful when inside I was sad that time had came to the end. 

Sunday we thought MIL (mother-in-law) and her boyfriend would be here before supper time.  We loaded up half of the house it seems like and took it over to the lot.  We had a camp set up under the trees.  Wrangler lite the piles of tree branches and mulch that had been dumped on the lot.  We spent the day burning and working on the lot.  BIL had his bike and his scooter over there so he was entertained when he was not helping us.  Wrangler asked his boss if he could borrow the loader from work.  He did some dirt work on the spot where we are going to live.  Around nine thirty MIL got here.  We had to show her the lot and where Wrangler worked at.  Her boyfriend treats Wrangler and I like ten year olds.  He puts us down at every chance.   He did not like where we were going to put our camper.  He did not like the grainery because it was to old.  I have noticed something about him.  His kids have the newest cars.  They are spoiled rotten and have tons of 4-Wheelers and toys like that.  One is in his twenties.  His parents buy everything for him.  So of course he has nicer things than us.  Wrangler and I both work for what we have.  We have no financial help from our parents at all.  Yeah we may drive old pick-ups and have an older horse trailer but we are not in debt as much as we would be if we bought everything he buys his kids.  We live with in our means and hate having any loans.  I was sure glad when they left.

Yesterday we took a pick-up to the fourth chevy dealer since we bought it.  Lets just say they did an adjustment again.  We are ready to get rid of the pick-up once again.  It was just not a great day.  Wrangler was upset and I was bored and tired.

Today is Brother’s last full day.  He leaves for school tomorrow morning.  I am sad that he is leaving but he is so excited.  I was going to start deep cleaning my house but have gotten nothing done.  Now I am about to run over to the lot.  We just had a nice rain shower go through.  I have some weeds to pull so I can plant some tulips that my aunt sent home with mom this weekend.  I have figured out where I want them so I am going to get the ground ready.

Well I better go do something so I can say that I accomplished at least one thing today.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


Feel like I have ran twenty miles today

I usually deep clean one tiny area a day.  Its a two week rotation for all the spots.  Well today I am deep cleaning our whole home.  For the next two weeks we will have an eleven year old in our home.  He is my brother-in-law.  Instead of spending time cleaning an little area each day I plan to spend time with this awesome eleven year old.  He needs an nurturing influence and I need some kid time.  Plus with the county fair next week I had already decided to deep clean everything so I could skip a week. 

I will have to do the least possible and  not very time consuming tasks while he is here.  Those tasks are the never ending jobs of laundry and dishes.  Also I will vacuum.  Cleaning a house is never fun for an eleven year old and being cooped up while I do it would drive him and me nuts.  Its bad enough with Cinch and Rex.

Mother-in-law is suppose to call the night before he is coming.  She did not call last night so I assume that he will not be here today.  I am guessing it will be tomorrow or Friday.  He is riding up in a semi with a friend of her and her boyfriends.  He has to go right past our exit on interstate so I only have to drive two miles to pick him up.  She will come pick him up on her way through when it is time.

I should have tons of pictures.  Some of Brother-in-law, some of Cinch and Rex, some of my brother.  I can not wait to have a new subject to take pictures of.

Well I am done with my break now that the floor is dry.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Things are looking better

Last week it felt like the bottom fell out of Wrangler and my world.  Something we have been dreaming of fell through in a shady way.  We spent Thursday of last week mad, sad, heart broken.  Well Friday we had someone else approach us about another lot. 

We talked to them last night and by the weekend we will be in possession of it.  We will do paperwork Thursday night or Friday night depending on if the paperwork is ready and the notary is available.  Its finally coming together.  We are holding our breath still but it feels right.  I spent a lot of time praying about this deal and it seems right.

And the other thing that has me excited is that mother-in-law called last night.  She asked if we wanted brother-in-law for a visit.  She called Wrangler and Wrangler came home and asked me if I was up to it.  I am up to it and am excited of having him.  She is worried about leaving him here for two weeks.  Wrangler told her that the county fair is next week.  Saturday is a threshing show we want to go to.  The week after the county to the west of us eighteen miles is having a fair.  We want to take him swimming.  We will bakes or make deserts.  I will figure out something for an art project for him to do.  There will be walks with Cinch and Rex.  There will be playing at the play ground.  Plus there will be plenty of work to keep us busy as we start on the new lot.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Productive Morning So Far

Today I have had a productive after a rough start with Wrangler.  You see Wrangler had to be work at seven to start the mill.  On days he starts the mill he has to start the steam 45 minutes before he goes in.  So at 6:05 after trying to wake up Wrangler for twenty minutes he reaches over for his phone to start the steam and knocks a cup of water off.  So I scramble around cleaning it up.  Then he can not find his user name and password.  He gets logged on and then he realizes his keys are in the pick-up we took to the shop.  So he had to go borrow one of his co-workers. He finally left at 6:45 and I took a deep breath.

I took Cinch on a long walk and worked on obedience for a while.  Rex and I went on a short walk and I took some pictures.  I got all the laundry done that I needed to do today.  I also deep cleaned my kitchen.  Now I am editing my pictures that I have taken the last couple of days.  I am going to take a few more pictures when I go get the mail.  This afternoon I plan to stay cool and probably go to town with Mom.  Wrangler should be home at a good time.  I have a feeling he is going to need a nap.  He stayed up way to late last night.

Today the high is suppose to be around 103.  That is really hot.  It was semi cool last night and early this morning.  After the last couple of days that it been cooler in the low 90’s I am sure today is going to feel really hot.

Today is also sister-in-laws Birthday.  She turns eighteen today.  Last night around eleven mother-in-law called Wrangler inviting us to a part for her Sunday.  She always waits until the last minute to tell us.  Wrangler and I already have plans for Sunday.  Plus unless Wrangler’s pick-up gets out of the shop we do not have a pick-up to make the trip.  One of Wrangler’s pick-up he has retired pretty much but to drive on a blue moon.  Its old and classic and worked hard pulling the camper up here.  My pick-up transmission still runs a little warm after thirty or so miles.  I have only been driving it in town.  Wrangler is driving my mom’s pick-up to and from work since its harvest here and he has not been riding his little motorcycle.  She is now throwing a fit about it.  Wrangler has told her numerous times to give us at least a week in advance for plans so we do not make plans.  Usually by Wednesday we have a rough idea of what we are doing that weekend.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

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To My Coworkers

As I get ready to move I have something to say about each of my coworkers.  Even though I am not going to tell the bad ones to their face I need to get it out of my mind.


Owner and his wife-  I have enjoyed working for you guys.  I am glad you are here for this small community.  You guys are dedicated to making this town a better places.  You have a easy going work place.


Meat market man-  On my first day girls warned me that you would not be nice for long.  Thanks for the laughter you have caused me.  Thanks for making sandwiches for awesome coworker and I on days when we had no time to fix anything or get anything to eat for ourselves.


Awesome coworker- Thank you for telling me about the job.  Thank you for being the other smart one and for helping me not kill anyone.  Thanks for helping me confuse meat market man.


Youngest coworker- Thanks for all ways brightening the day with being a clutz.  I will not miss be mistaken for each other.  I can not believe that everyone thinks we are sisters when we look nothing alike really.


Tater salad- You are a pain in the rear.  Btw you messed up the bread order and its all your fault.  Most days I wanted to throw something at you for being a smart aleck.  Though when we worked on back stock we sure cleared the back room out. You will make a good cop.  P.S.  You will find a woman one day who will make you want to do things you say you will never do like getting married and having kids.


My replacement- You seem really cool.  I am sorry that tater is your brother-in-law.  Have fun working with annoying constantly.


Annoying- You have about drove me to drink or pull my hair out.  You have made me a bigger chocolateholic than ever putting up with you.  Wrangler and I are not ready to have kids yet.  We want two when we do and spread out.  Stop saying we should get pregnant.  I have enough pressure from mother-in-law about that subject.  I am bowed legged so get over it.  It’s from riding horses.  I know about it and live with it.  You tell me this almost as much as having kids.  You are lazy and never pull your weight.  You are annoying and really piss me off.  You are a drama queen and really need to get over yourself.

Now that I got it out there about annoying I am going to go make fried chicken since Wrangler asked for it.


AS Mrs. Wrangler