To my brother

This morning I typed some instructions up for my brother.  He is leaving for college this morning.  I thought I would share this with you in case you have any college bound friends or family membeers.

1. You can call if you ever need to no matter the time.  As you have found out the last year I am willing to give advice but I realize that you are an adult and will make your own decisions.  Like my advice for getting a tattoo is that go some where that is licensed through the state.  Make sure you can cover it up with clothing for future employment reasons.  If it gets infected go see a medical professional.

2.  Money will be tight probably for the next six or seven years.  If you need help budgeting or need cheap meal ideas let me know.

3.  Avoid Vine street as much as possible.  All the maniacs drive on that street.

4.  Remember that you are paying tons of money for your classes.  You can miss on occasion but do not skip all the time.

5.  When it gets to hard remember your teacher and counselor that told you that you were to stupid to go anywhere other than a tech college.

6.  Do not come home for a weekend when you have a test Monday.

7.  Call safe ride if you get in a situation when your friends leave you somewhere and its late or if you are in a situation where you should not drive.  (Deleted the number from here for this post).

8.  Laundry hints.  If you have to wash reds and want to throw them in with something else I suggest jeans.  Cold Cold for these loads- reds, towels, and bedding.  Warm Cold for these loads-jeans and darks.  Hot Cold for these loads-whites.  Use bleach only on whites.  I suggest if you want to try and get stains out to use oxy clean or baking soda tabs you can get at Dollar General.  These work really good on Wrangler’s work clothes.

9.  If you have pick-up problems do not take it to the place at 6th and Vine.  They ripped me off.

10.  Work while you are down there if you want.  If your grades start suffering back off work.

11.  There is all type of resources available to help you get good grades.  Writing center, some tutoring can be had, study groups you can form.  Use them and do not be afraid to ask,

12.  I hope you have a great advisor at both of my colleges I got the worse ones in my department.  Use them.  They are a great resource.  If your advisor is not very helpful you will probably have a teacher you love in your department.  Ask them for help.

13. Get out of the dorms as soon as you can.  They cost tons of money.  After a year you should have enough friends who are moving out to find a roommate or roommates to live with off campus and maybe save five thousand a semester in room.

14.  Go to sporting events and other free events on campus.  Great way to meet people.

15.  Try out churches.  Just because we were raised Methodist does not mean you have to stay Methodist.  When I went to school where you are the Methodist church was way to big for my taste.  I went from our church of around twenty on a good day to a church of five hundred in both services.  I stayed for a semester and never felt the fellowship we had back home.  I searched for a church and found a small one that was a little different than the one back home but nurtured my faith.

16.  Try to be safe.  I do not want to bail you out of jail or be an Aunt for another four years. 

17.  Contact home often.  Mom is going to want to hear from you a couple times a week.  This is hard I know when you have a life.  After our sister ripped her heart out she expects more from you and me.  You can text me or facebook me.  I am fine with just hearing from you on occasion. 

18. Be careful of girls who can become stalkers.  Wrangler had a girlfriend before me that stalked him for a year and a half after he broke it off with her.  It took her hearing from my sister-in-law in a store that she was shopping for boots for Wrangler’s wedding for her to stop.  My stalker harassed me really bad for the first three months after I broke it off after dating him like 6 dates.  It took him believing that you had my phone.  My best friend’s boyfriend now husband telling him to stop harassing her.  Changing e-mails.  Making my facebook supper secretive in settings for only friends.  Yet almost three years after I broke it off I got a message from him on the e-mail created for Wrangler and I.  We did not open it the subject was congrats on your marriage but I still love you.  I fell apart in Wrangler’s arms.  Well come to find out he had a college friend of mine feeding him information.  I ended that friendship and have heard nothing else.  Wrangler has been great dealing with him since we both had stalkers at the same time.

19.  College is a time when I think most people become their true selfs.  I sure did.  I now wear what I want and as you know that is boots all the time and jeans.  I do not really care what people think about that.  I stopped trying to fit in and just let myself do the work and I was surprised when people actually liked me.  With out Mom’s daily input into your decisions you will grow as a person.

20.  Since you have had only one girlfriend do not hurry up and settle in a bad or mediocre relationship to be in one.  I did that with the guy who was from out of state but going to school.  I should have only dated him for a month or two instead of almost a year. After that I set my standards that a guy had to meet. For example a few are a Christian, does not smoke (triggers my migraines) are just a couple. Date until you find a woman who fits your standards and then try a relationship.

I am wishing you all the luck in your next step in life. I love you and am proud of the man you have become.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


Time has gotten away from me

I hate to say this but time has gotten away from me.  Saturday I spent the last full day with BIL (brother-in-law) here doing some of his favorite things to do here.  We went to the park and played around the house.  We played baseball and practiced roping until I thought my arm may fall off.  He helped me cook supper even.  I spent the day being upbeat and cheerful when inside I was sad that time had came to the end. 

Sunday we thought MIL (mother-in-law) and her boyfriend would be here before supper time.  We loaded up half of the house it seems like and took it over to the lot.  We had a camp set up under the trees.  Wrangler lite the piles of tree branches and mulch that had been dumped on the lot.  We spent the day burning and working on the lot.  BIL had his bike and his scooter over there so he was entertained when he was not helping us.  Wrangler asked his boss if he could borrow the loader from work.  He did some dirt work on the spot where we are going to live.  Around nine thirty MIL got here.  We had to show her the lot and where Wrangler worked at.  Her boyfriend treats Wrangler and I like ten year olds.  He puts us down at every chance.   He did not like where we were going to put our camper.  He did not like the grainery because it was to old.  I have noticed something about him.  His kids have the newest cars.  They are spoiled rotten and have tons of 4-Wheelers and toys like that.  One is in his twenties.  His parents buy everything for him.  So of course he has nicer things than us.  Wrangler and I both work for what we have.  We have no financial help from our parents at all.  Yeah we may drive old pick-ups and have an older horse trailer but we are not in debt as much as we would be if we bought everything he buys his kids.  We live with in our means and hate having any loans.  I was sure glad when they left.

Yesterday we took a pick-up to the fourth chevy dealer since we bought it.  Lets just say they did an adjustment again.  We are ready to get rid of the pick-up once again.  It was just not a great day.  Wrangler was upset and I was bored and tired.

Today is Brother’s last full day.  He leaves for school tomorrow morning.  I am sad that he is leaving but he is so excited.  I was going to start deep cleaning my house but have gotten nothing done.  Now I am about to run over to the lot.  We just had a nice rain shower go through.  I have some weeds to pull so I can plant some tulips that my aunt sent home with mom this weekend.  I have figured out where I want them so I am going to get the ground ready.

Well I better go do something so I can say that I accomplished at least one thing today.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Last Full Day :(

Today I feel sad.  To day is BIL (brother-in-law) last full day with us.  Tomorrow he will go home after spending seventeen days with Wrangler and me.  Its been great having him.  I will miss him when he goes because he is such a cool eleven year old.  Here is a recap of the last few days


We did not do a whole bunch.  We stayed home for most of the day.  BIL was hard to wake up and when he woke up he was constantly testing me.  By the end of the day my nerves were almost gone from dealing with this sulking mad boy.  We cleaned the window that we painted.  Wrangler only dealt with BIL for two hours but he was like me not impressed with BIL behavior that day.  It was the one day that things did not mesh.


BIL was really good Thursday morning.  He got up when he was told to.  He did everything in the morning routine in a timely fashion.  I was impressed.  He played for a while before I had my interview.  While I had my interview Mom took him to Wal-Mart and had no problems.  After my movie we came home.  Because it was raining off and on during the afternoon we watched movies.  When Wrangler came home I went and laid down and took a nap.  I had a migraine.  After a nap at least I could function.  I made supper and we all went to bed early.


Yesterday was another good day.  We spent the morning playing at the house.  After lunch we to the park.  Mom and Brother went along.  We spent around three hours outside playing in the afternoon.  When we came home Brother came with us.  When Wrangler got off work we went outside once again and we played baseball and than we just sat outdoors while Wrangler worked on the trailer helping as needed.


I am about to get BIL up for the day.  I have been up and moving for three hours.  When he wakes up I need to vacuum.  Than I will be ready to go for the day.  I am going to enjoy this last day with him.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Saturday to today update

This week has been much slower than last week.  BIL (brother-in-law) I think is enjoying the slower pace.


Saturday we were all tired after a long week.  Wrangler went to work.  BIL kind of chilled out.  I cleaned house after a week of hardly being home.  We really did not do much at all. 


We had a busy day.  We spent the morning doing a few maintenance  things around the house.  Than we headed up to Mom’s to help her with a project.  We ended up showing Grandma the lot.  Later we ended up showing Mom, Brother, and BIL the building on our lot.  BIL, Wrangler, and I struck up a plan of action on the lot.


Wrangler and I spent the day working on the building on the lot.  There is a lot of junk that is going to be hauled off.  Wrangler mowed the lot before the severe weather came through.  Right before the worse of the weather came through we got Wrangler’s pride and joy of a pick-up inside the building.  Its still in there because we have chances of severe weather all week.  After the weather went through we went back and worked on the lot some more.


I went with Mom to Goodland.  She entered stuff in the fair there.  BIL went with us.  I grabbed dog food and the couple of other things we needed from Wal-Mart before coming home.  Man I really hate that place.  In the afternoon I did not do much.  Had a headache so I did not feel like doing much.  BIL wanted to stay inside anyway.  When Wrangler got home we ran over to the lot long enough to show Mom and Brother the work we done.  Wrangler was working on the horse trailer while I sat outside enjoying the nice evening.  BIL was mad because we would not let him play the game systems because he had already used his time for the day.


I am planning on cleaning house.  Any time it rains little dirt particles of dry mud get everywhere.  It is horrible looking.  Because I am cleaning this I am sure its going to rain later.  I plan to take BIL to the park this afternoon.  I am also thinking about taking Cinch and Rex to Mom’s for a bit.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

Restless Heart

Well Thursday nothing really happened around here.  We stayed home.  BIL (Brother-in-law) asked if we had to go any where.  Wrangler was also messed up a little still from that stupid ride.  We spent the day at home.  BIL entertained himself with toys some old and some new from the carnival. 

Well yesterday I let BIL sleep in a little bit.  Wrangler worked kind of late before coming home for lunch.  Things were slow so he got out of there early.  We went to look at a horse trailer and ended up pulling it home with us.

We arrived back at the fair grounds around six-thirty.  BIL decided he did not want to go to the concert.  Mom wanted to go.  BIL spent the evening hanging out with Brother playing games and riding rides.  Mom, Wrangler and I went to see Restless Heart in concert.  The opening act was horrible.  Restless Heart was awesome though.  Lets just say by the end of the concert I was mellow and happy.  They had the crowd roaring through the whole thing.  It was not as crowded as I expected but still great.

We got home after midnight and Wrangler had to be up at six for work.  BIL is now just getting up.  Today has been a slow morning even for me.  Today I plan to organize me house some.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

The County Fair Tornado

Well Tuesday the county fair started.  Growing up in 4-H with animals to show we would stay in the camper on the fairgrounds instead of driving the twenty miles home late at night and turning around early the next morning to go back.  By Thursday the camper always looked like the tornado hit it. 

Well I guess it can happen to your home to.  Last night when I got home from the fair I noticed our bedroom was a huge mess.  Wrangler would come home from work and shower than head right over to the fair.  BIL (brother-in-law) and I was already over at the fair.  Wrangler would just drop his clothes on the floor in a pile to save time.

Well this morning I have all the clothes sorted.  Laundry is in the washer.  I have unpacked my fair bag and only put the things I will need for a short day at the fair in it.  I decided that I better get some pictures off my camera right quick to create room for some more.  Than I am going to attack the dining room table.  All of BIL toys he won at the carnival are there.

Here is a recap of our last two days.


We had a great morning at home.  When BIL got up he played with Cinch and Rex in his PJ’s for two hours.  Since he was playing so good and we were in no big hurry I let him be.  Mom called about eleven.  Her best friend forgot her son rabbit that he was showing at the fair that afternoon.  I started to get BIL around but we still really did not have to hurry much.

We left home and got the rabbit and took it over to the fair.  Once at the fair we watched Brother show his three rabbits.  He got reserve champion showmanship on his rabbit.  He got Grand Champion on his 4-H rabbit and a blue on the other one.  In open class he got Grand Champion on his other rabbit.  My brother is the king of rabbit showing.

After the show we killed a hour in the 4-H building looking at exhibits and at Mom’s camper hanging out.  We went down to where the parade was going to be a lot early.  I want a good seat on the shaded side of the street.  The parade was the longest parade that I can remember for the county fair.  I was disappointed on the lack of control some parents had on their kids.  Some kids on one side of us would run up and grab candy out from between our legs and stuff.  Those same kids about got ran over by floats a couple of time for running out to far to get candy.  They also about spooked a little kids horse.

We went back to the fairgrounds and when we got there Wrangler was waiting for us.  We went and got something to eat.  Then we went to the rodeo.  It was a KPRA rodeo (Kansas Professional Rodeo Association).  Wrangler or I could get a membership if we wanted to and hit lots a rodeos a year but right now we do not feel like going that much and we have not found a place to put our horses.  It was okay for the local level of competition but the times and scores sure do not hold up to the PRCA level.  After the rodeo we played a few games at the midway.  It was eleven-thirty when we got home.


We left the house really early.  We were sitting at the fair grounds at seven forty-five ready for the swine show.  I took Cinch with me so he would not have to be cooped up inside a kennel all day because I did not know if Wrangler would be home or not for lunch.  Well some dog spooked some animals that morning so Cinch was not allowed in the Livestock area of the fairgrounds.  He spent the show at Mom’s camper.  Brother made the final heat for showmanship on the pig.  He also received a red on one pig and a blue on the other.  BIL helped out in the concession stands that Brother, Mom and another family were putting on.  Brother is going to National 4-H Congress in November and the concession stand is a fundraiser for them.

There was a short break and then it was time for the sheep and goat show.  Brother did really great on his goat.  He got third in showmanship and there is a chance he could be showing again in the morning.  He also got first in his class on his goat.

After the show we ran an errand and then chilled out for a bit.  After being outside in the humid weather I was ready to relax for a bit.  We went to the free barbeque that night.  Mom and Brother went through first.  BIL and I waited.  After mom and brother ate we went back to the camper to get bedding for the goats and Wrangler had just pulled up.  Wrangler, BIL, and I went through the line and ate.  After eating we checked out the carnival.  I went on one ride with brother, BIL, and Wrangler.  It was the tilt a whirl.  That was enough spinning for me.  Wrangler and Brother decided to go on the zipper ride.  You go head over heels numerous times on that ride.  Quite a few people who go on the ride come off looking really green.    Wrangler came off really dizzy and worse for the wear.  I got him to the pick-up where he laid down for a while.  Brother took BIL on a couple more rides for me.  We cashed in our prize tokens and called it a night.  After taking a good half hour rest Wrangler felt like he could drive home.  He headed out in one pick-up and I followed.  He made it home and I went on to mom’s to feed her animals that are not at the fair.  When I got home with BIL he was already in bed and still was not doing good at all.  By the time I got BIL settled and in bed it was after eleven by the time I crawled into bed.  Wrangler was asleep and when he woke up this morning seemed to be functioning all right.


I do not know if we are going to the fair today or not.  Depends on if BIL feels like going.  If we are going we are just going for a little bit and will be home in time for supper.  If we do not go I am going to take a nap.  I think BIL will be out for a while to if we sit still long enough.

AS Mrs. Wrangler

A Long Version of Brother-In-Law’s Visit so far

Friday I typed out a long detailed version of Thursday the day he arrived.  Here is rest of it.


I let BIL (brother-in-law) sleep until nine in the morning.  He says he has been getting up at eleven or noon all summer but that does not fly here.  I got him around.  This was a slow process compared to just getting me around. 

After he got around we went downtown.  We got the mail.  We then headed up to my Mom’s house and got bats and a bike for him to play with.  We then went to the park and played tether ball for a while.  Than we went to look at Brother’s pigs and goats.  I got bit by a pig.

After we looked at animals we went down to the grocery store and picked up the few things we needed to get through the weekend.  Than we headed back to the house.  We read books, worked on an art project, and played cards to kill the afternoon.  It was really humid out so we did not spend much time outdoors.

When Wrangler got home we spent the evening playing baseball.  Fixing BIL bike seat.  Than Brother came over and the guitar hero and football wars happened.


Saturday morning it was cold and windy.  Saturday’s high all day was 72 but it was cloudy and with the wind it felt colder all day.  We went about twenty-five miles to the northwest to a threshing show.  They had lots of old equipment, tractors, and steam engines. 

There were like 17 buildings to go through plus there were rows and rows of tractors and equipment.  There were two parades of equipment.  I think the best building for kids to stop in is the Print Shop.  The guy was really great with kids and BIL now has a stamp with his name on it like they would have used to make a line on a newspaper on the old days.  He also let BIL print a couple of postcards and take them home. 

The highlight of the day in Wrangler’s book was getting to drive a steam engine through the second parade.  The highlight of my day was the stage coach ride.  BIL favorite thing was when a snake scared me and riding the steam engine that Wrangler was driving.  We were there from 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon.  It cost $7 a piece for Wrangler and me.  $3 for BIL.  I thought the food and drinks were really affordable also.  We spent a total of $33 dollars on that day making an average of $11 per person.  That was not bad at all for entertainment and one meal.

On our way home we stopped by my Grandma’s for a quick visit.  We then came home.  We decided that we were tired and did not want to cook so we were going to eat at the restaurant.  BIL threw a fit.  I never had someone so young be so silent, stubborn, and pissed.  Wrangler and I ordered food to go and took him home.  After sulking for two hours it was over.


Sunday was the prettiest day I have seen in forever.  It was 62 high out.  There was a light rain or mist all day.  I let the guys sleep in until almost eleven.  BIL and I made bread dough.  We made pigs in the blankets for supper out of it and monkey bread.  We had a six hour long game of monopoly to keep us entertained during the day.  I was the only one who even stepped a foot outside all day.


Yesterday Wrangler had off since he works Saturdays during August.  He has Sunday and Monday off.  We got up before BIL and woke him up around nine.  Wrangler went up to Mom’s and got here camper ready to go.  I stayed here and got BIL dressed and to eat breakfast.  Than I got ready for my interview. 

We headed out to town five of us in a five passenger pick-up.  Wrangler unhooked the camper at the fairgrounds before taking me to my interview and dropping me off.  He went back to the fairgrounds to get the AC in the camper and Mom entered what needed entered that day.  After my interview since I was already at the grocery store I got our groceries for a couple of weeks.  We headed back home.

When we got here BIL ran the vacuum for me when he saw that I was getting ready to.  I swept the kitchen and cleaned cabinets.  As soon as he was done he started to play video games.  Wrangler and I mowed and after that while Wrangler tinkered I practiced roping.  The whole time BIL was inside.  We finally drug him outside to help us with a project.  As soon as it was done he was back inside.  Wrangler said he had to stop playing games.  BIL started to sulk again but not nearly as bad as like the other night.  He went back inside but only to watch tv.  I cooked supper and we ate.  Around nine Mom and Brother showed up needing help drawing plans for brother’s welding project.  It was almost midnight by the time they were done.  At that time BIL was dragging out monopoly wanting to play.  He was mad when he was told to put it away and go to bed.


So far today moving slow is the word.  It was a few minutes before nine when I woke BIL up.  Here it is 10:55 and he is now just getting dressed.  He has ate breakfast though.  He has spent the morning playing with the dogs, and balls, and bats, and masks, and beads.  Since we have no where to be this morning I have not rushed him along at all.  We have to leave here a little after one to take a rabbit to the fair that was forgotten this morning.  This moved up our time to leave a hour and a half but oh well.  Today we are going to the rabbit show, than to a parade.  After Wrangler gets off work he will come over and join us.  We will eat supper and go to the rodeo later tonight.

AS Mrs. Wrangler