God Made A Cowboy

I was e-mailed this by one of my college friends right after the dodge truck commercial “God Made A Farmer” came out.  It is a favorite of mine.  When its describing the cowboy it is describing to men in my life one as a father figure Dad (my father-in-law) and one as the man I married my Wrangler.  When it describes the cowboy’s wife it is scary how well it describes me.  I guess that is why I can relate so well to these words.

On the 8th day God made the farmer, but he was not done…  He looked down on the wilds of his untamed earth and said “I need someone who will never be broken”.  And so his greatest work began. 

First he filled their belly full of guts and hearts full of try, then he called them a Cowboy.  He needed someone who could handle a horse, teach them, tame them, but never break them.  Someone whose soul  needed the saddle and would not change with the world around them.  So God made a Cowboy.

He needed someone who could find a hot bull in a hundred section pasture, ride a bronc, hold a family together, read a brand, let wrong doings go, and pull a tight cinch. God needed someone who didn’t mind dusty cow pens, Smokey branding irons, long days, and cold nights. So God made a Cowboy.

It had to be someone who could make a living with their rope, cow dog, and a few good horses.  Someone who would never know a 40 hour week, nor care too.  He needed to create a proud man, one who would take a stand and whose greatest complement would be to have his kids call him handy.  So god made a Cowboy. 

But after he created the cowboy, he was far from done.  While his creation was tuff and untamed, they would need more than just a good horse to share his name, and no ordinary woman would understand… the cowboy. 

God needed to create a woman who didn’t want store bought roses by the dozen but rather wild flowers seldom picked and sweet cowboy loven.  He needed someone who could take a good cussing in the working pens, love unconditionally, and forgive.

Someone who could open her own doors, sweep tack room floors, look past muddy boots on kitchen floors, keep a house, and have an eye for a good horse.  Someone who didn’t need lavish and flattery but would find joy in a spring born colt.  Someone who could raise babies, fix fence, patch jeans, and never waver in hard times of cowboy life…So God made a cowboy’s wife. 

And when God fashioned the cowboy and his wife, he made them in his exact likeness and image, and blessed them for all their earthly life.

Now that I shared some words that I did not write but touches my heart I am going to go do the dishes and mop the floor.

Smile its Friday 🙂

AS Mrs. Wrangler


Busy Week Ahead

This is going to be a busy week.  Today I work one of my last three work days.  Wednesday is my last day of work.  I think I am going to miss this job a little bit except for the stupid coworker.  The evenings will be spent packing.  Thursday will be spent getting all the pick-ups hooked up to there trailers and moving the first half hour down the road to my father-in-law (dad) house.  Thursday night my mom and brother should arrive there.  We will be leaving around five am on Friday to move the remaining five hours.  It will probably be a seven or eight hour trip.  Wrangler will set the pace pulling our big thirty-seven foot home.  He will average about sixty mph.  We hope to make it to our new home on Friday.  If not we will send mom and brother ahead and Wrangler and I will just pop out one slide for our bed and crack open the Windows.  Saturday will be a day of getting everything set up.  Sunday I plan to drag Wrangler to the pool or my Grandma’s to have a little relaxing time before he starts work Monday.  I know when we get there Cinch and Rex will probably not want to see us for a couple of days as the play in the jungle of mom’s backyard.

Last Saturday as Oklahoma Residents

Today is our last Saturday in Oklahoma as residents.  I am sure we will be back as tourists as we will be visiting Dad (my father-in-law) every now and then.  On this last Saturday we have been running around all morning.  This afternoon I have been doing some house work and Wrangler was working outside until it got to hot out.  Now that it is hot out we are kind of being lazy and hiding out in the dark watching “Mountain Men” on the history channel. I am just glad for once that the tv is tuned into something that is not to bad.  I am the only one awake.  Wrangler is asleep on the couch.  Cinch is asleep in the other recliner next to me.  Rex is asleep on the floor next to my recliner.

Tonight we are going to grill steaks on the grill.  Wrangler has the steaks marinating in the fridge and I am going to grill corn on the cob still in the husks.  Otherwise we are working on accomplishing the list of things that needs done before the move.  My boss made my last day Wednesday instead of Thursday.  So Thursday I can help Wrangler tear down the house and get it hooked up to the pick-up.  I have the bedroom breakables down and ready for the move.  There is not much left to do in the bedroom until the day before we move when Wrangler wants to have all the clothes out of the closet.

Last night Wrangler and I got a lot done on the outside stuff.  Tonight though I am afraid we are going to get thunderstorms and maybe some severe weather.  So we will not be working until ten outside tonight.  We sat outside and enjoyed the quiet nice night for a bit after that.  I also worked on Cinch’s obedience training last night.  Rex is trained really well but Cinch still has a few glitches I am trying to work out.  He will lay in the same spot for a long while on the ground but if you get him in the back of the pick-up he wants to jump out still or moving.  So now that I can get him to lay still on the ground I have gotten to where he will get in the back of the pick-up if I sit on the tail gate.  I can now get him to lay down for around five minutes before he wants to get up and jumps out.  I just got to keep working with him until he gets better.

Have a great Saturday,


AS Mrs. Wrangler

Night Out

Last night at seven thirty dad called Wrangler and asked if we wanted to go into Woodward to eat.  Wrangler and I got dressed up and headed to town.  We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  We then went to a bar with a live band.  The band had there music way to loud.  There were ladies coming on to dad’s girlfriend.  I did not leave Wrangler’s side the whole night except to try to two step with Dad.  Wrangler and I were reminded why we do not go to the bar.  As we were leaving a lady tried to pull dad’s girlfriend out on the floor and one of her friends came up behind Wrangler and I.  Wrangler was,pulled out of the bar really quickly by me and dad came to his girlfriend rescue.

On another note people have learned we are leaving.  They are wanting to do stuff with us now.  Wrangler and I find it funny that we have invited these people over or out and they never replied but now they want to do stuff.

Have a great weekend,

AS Mrs. Wrangler