A Cowgirl to Mrs. Wrangler- II

This is Wrangler and my story about how we met. I wrote it down so that one day if something happened to us or if my kids were just wondering they have it.

Monday night after texting back and forth all day when both of us had free minutes Wrangler asked me when I had time free in the evening. I told him Thursday. We made plans to meet after he got off work. The week seemed to drag by. All I knew is I enjoyed talking on the phone with him in the evenings. We talked about our crazy stalker ex’s, our past horses, school experiences, and lots more.
Finally Thursday was here. It was a longer day than every day so far that week. It was finally time to hit the road to Wrangler’s town. I arrived about the same time Wrangler got off the road. I met Wrangler at his house. I sat in his semi while he worked on his logs. He received a phone call from his boss giving him bad news. He had to go deal with the book keeper.
We drove the eight miles out in the country to the book keepers house. We sat there for like a hour before she showed up. Than I sat in a dark living room for nearly two hours while Wrangler and the book keeper did the paperwork. There is a lot of paperwork in trucking. A trucker has to do his logs everyday. They also have to keep track of how many miles they drive in each state each day. Than there is the load paperwork they have to keep track of.
We finally arrive back in Wrangler’s town. We went downtown to the local bar and grill. It is like most small town restaurants. It is a family place with a pool table and juke box. Yes there is alcohol served there but more people eat food than drink. While we were waiting on our food we played pool. At one point in time I was really good at pool but it had been around eight years since I really had played. Wrangler when he was bored would go play pool so he was a lot better than me.
I am a very competive person. I like to win. Well I learned something about Wrangler that night to. He is just as competive as I am. He also likes to rub it in when he wins. Even though I lost every game I played I still had fun. After we got tired of playing pool we went to the edge of town to watch a thunderstorm come in.
We sat in Wrangler’s truck and watched the lighting streak across the Kansas sky. We both mentioned how we like to watch it lighting on a hot summer night. It was getting late and time for me to head to my home. We went back to Wrangler’s house so I could pick up my car. It started to sprinkle about that time so we go onto Wrangler’s back porch.
We sat there a few more minutes watching it lighting. And than I was saying goodnight even though I did not want to leave for home. Wrangler and I moved in to hug and instead of hugging we had our first kiss. I am going to keep the details of our kiss private. I really did not want to go at this point. I some how got up the nerve to walk out to my car and drive away.
The next day after I got off work I headed to my hometown where my mom and brother still lives. All weekend I was trying to hide the fact from them that something was up. I felt like my world had changed in less than a week. I did not want to talk to Wrangler on the phone when Mom and Brother were around. I felt like if I did all the emotion in my face would give my secret away. I wanted it to stay a secret for a while.
Mom did know I had been dating some but no details about any certain guy. I was afraid to get her hopes up. See I am the oldest and at this point I was already 23. She married my dad at age 22 after they dated for 3 years. I wanted a happy relationship like my parents had but I was in no hurry to make a Mr. Right Now into Mr. Right. I was looking for Mr. Right for this Cowgirl and found him in Wrangler. My parents had been married 24 years when My Dad died.
I think I did really well hiding my secret that weekend but I knew it could not stay a secret for long. When I am happy it shows really easy. It shows in the way I carry my body. I smile often and laugh and make jokes. I have a relaxed attitude when I am happy. I was so glad when I left Mom’s for the weekend because I could be happy and not give away my secret.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter of story. Look for another chapter to come soon.

AS Mrs. Wrangler


A Cowgirl To Mrs. Wrangler-I

This is Wrangler and my story on how we met and our dating relationship so far. 

When I meet Wrangler I was not looking for a relationship. I had and ex that I dated for a month of half before he started to control me. I broke it off with him and he harassed me for months through text, calls, and e-mails. A month after I broke up with him I got rid of the phone and so that stopped but I still had him e-mailing my school e-mail. He still does every now and than. It had been a over a year and I got an e-mail last Sunday congratulating me on my marriage. It freaked me out and Wrangler had to calm me down.

It had been eight months since I had broken it off with the stalker. For the first six months I was not even looking at a guy. I was terrified to put myself out there again and maybe have another guy stalk me. My definition of a boyfriend or girlfriend is that you have been seeing them on dates for around three weeks. Using that definition Wrangler is my third boyfriend. The first one I dated for about nine months. I think I dated him that long because I liked the idea of having a boyfriend. When I broke it off with him I went on dates but I have pretty high standards that I will not let a guy not meet and by the third date I usually did not accept another one.

I do not drink, smoke, or chew. I wanted a guy the same way. I am a Christian and am proud of it but I feel closer to God most days around cattle, on a back of the horse, or outdoors some where. I do go to church but it has to be a church that fits. I wanted a guy who was also a Christian. I wanted a guy who would not care if I wear makeup, work around cows, and knew that I may get covered at work in cow crap but I do clean up. I also wanted the guy to stand up to me not let me walk over him but would not control me. I also wanted a guy who loves cattle and horses as much as I do. Like I said by the third date I could usually see the signs that this guy does not fit. Well I meet my stalker and he seemed to fit at first. After about a month of dating he was jealous of the time I was spending with my best friend. He finally tried to stop me from seeing her. That is when I got rid of him.

Well I was working one day at the sale barn that I worked at. I clerked the sales and when I was not out at the ring helping I was in the office. This young cowboy came inside the sale barn to ask for help before a sale. He did not know where to unload the cattle that he had hauled up there. I directed him to the right spot and he asked for my number. I was about month four after break up and was not really interested in dating yet but for some reason I gave him my number and forgot that I gave it to him.

A Saturday in November I got an text message from a weird number. It is my usual policy to figure out who it was if it was a Kansas number because I seem to break my phones and lose all my numbers. I might know the person but not have their number in my latest phone. He told me his name and it did not ring a bell. He told me that we met at the sale barn and that it had been a while since then. I remembered that then.

We texted most of the day and the evening. He asked me that evening if I would go on a date with him the next day. He knew it was short notice and everything but he knew he had the day off. I said yes and we decided that we would meet at the park in a town that was a neutral territory for both of us.

I went to church that morning and took off. I met Wrangler at the park but Kansas decided to play a trick on us. It was one of those really windy days. My first impression of Wrangler was what a dork. He pulled up in his little white ranger pick-up and had a huge dog in the back. That pick-up is what I drive now and that dog was Rex. He got out of his pick-up. His boots were scuffed in old. His wrangler’s were full of holes. His shirt in the back had a huge bleach spot. Me on the other hand was about as made up as I ever am. I had straightened my hair and actually put on some make up. I wore my favorite western shirt, my nicest boots, my favorite wranglers, and my good belt. He about lost his hat in the wind which I thought was dorky. We sat and talked a minute before we decided to got to Wrangler’s town and get in out of the wind.

We drove around his little town. He showed me the place and let me tell you the town is kind of ran down in places. He showed me the little store and we ordered something to eat. After we ate and discovered the town he took me by his house to put Rex inside and than we headed out to the river and we drove around. The river on a nicer day could be really relaxing. You have fishing, a place to 4-Wheel and more right at your finger tips.

We than headed back to Wrangler’s town. Since the wind ruined our plans we ended up watching a movie. Than I headed back to my home. On the trip home I did lots of thinking.

Yes Wrangler is a dork but I had a good time. He does not smoke and chew or drink. He is a cowboy and has similar interest. We had talked about our beliefs. Both of us are Christians but he feels closer to God outdoors to. We talked about fishing and more. We both like the same kind of music. There was a lot more.

Something about that Sunday date was different than any other date I had ever been on. Little did I know why.

Look for another chapter of Wrangler and my story coming soon.

AS Mrs. Wrangler