Mid week

Holy cow today is Wednesday and it feels like Tuesday. That is always better than feeling like Thursday on a Wednesday. Today has been a good day. We had a good long night sleep. It helped make today go by faster.


Early night

We are done for the night. We have both been tired all day. A long sleep is in our future. Have a good night all.


Today is not a good memory day. 15 years ago today is the day I went from kid to adult. I was 17. It was the day my dad died unexpectedly. After that it was a stage of numbness. The first four or five years I spent the time helping my mom while finishing my last year of high school and three years living at home while I finished two degrees at the junior college. Animal science and business. I cooked, I cleaned, I would watch my brother in the evenings when mom had to attend away games since she was cheer coach. My brother was to young to stay alone. During that period of time my memories are fuzzy. I have strong memories before he died and after I went after my four year degree. I eventually left home for a four year college.

Leaving home let me have a life of my own. It also had its growing pains. My mom wanted me to call her every day. Finally we got to two or three days a week. She finally got texting so we could communicate that way. I was in junior college before I had texting and only had a cell phone once my dad died. My brother would call often but once I left home he was old enough to stay at home without mom. It allowed me to date and learn that there are lots of creeps in this world. It led me to figure out that I will dress how I want without trying to fit in. To be myself is okay.

Than it led me to the next stage of my life meeting Wrangler. From there my life has took many turns. We ended up moving back to my hometown but this allowed me to heal. I can live in the same town and not be numb. I can go to the cemetery without crying for 10 minutes after.

One thing about my dad dying is my mom and I are close. I was always daddy’s girl. I dont know if mom and I would have the relationship we do now without his death.

Ready to work

I am ready for us to go back to work. The pick-up is unloaded. The truck reloaded with our belongings. And I am sitting down. Wrangler is finishing up a couple of things with the owner. We have four miles to our first load. I am ready to go so I can take a nap or have an early night.

This is one of the few vacations we been on that I am beyond ready to go to work after the fact.


Plans sometimes dont work out. Due to the fact that we had to load at the same place twice today and we had to wait six hours we won’t make our destination tonight for the family reunion. It’s been a trying day with rude people and nothing going right. We are on our way to unload now and than have 40 miles back to the yard.