More snow

Today was a horrible day with more snow. We woke up to freezing drizzle. And by 1 it was snowing and blowing. We got loaded and than hit the road. It was awful. We got past the state line and pulled into eat debating on what to do. A friend called and said ten miles west was clear. It was. We ran hours down the road with clear roads before the snow started again. And it was no longer blizzard like conditions. Roads are dry and clear. No more snow. We are a few miles from our destination.


Four dollars

We were impressed with the truck stop we spent Friday night at 11 to this morning at 8 at. It has a 24/7 deli with lots of choices. Laundry, showers, and a nice bathroom. Lots of parking. Draws locals a little more than the normal truck stop. And not many big trucking company trucks were there which made us not worry about our hood near as much.

There laundry was a dollar fifty a machine. Moat truck stops are three to four dollars a machine.

There showers were huge. Very rustic. I want the tile in the bathroom at home. They handed us 5 sets of towels for 2 people. And best of all was the cost. Without fuel it was four bucks. Most other truck stops charge 10 to 15 bucks a shower.

Romantic Reminder

My husband apologizes for not been romantic. Well he has never made a big romantic gesture some of his friends have made or see on t.v. but he is romantic.

Like bring me chocolate or small gifts even I am at home and he is on the road. He bought me a teddy bear when he first went out on the road and I was still working so when I missed him I could hug it plus one of the boys. He bought me my favorite necklace that I wear more than any others. The close second is the necklace he bought as my wedding gift.

When he let’s the boys out which is his job the majority of the time on the road he has been know to pick a wildflower and give it to me.

But one of my favorite romantic memories is of our first kiss. He had planned a date out at the river. A big thunderstorm came in ruining that plan. It was a spectacular show of lightening so we stood on a porch with windows on 3 sides and watched the show. We shared our first kiss during the storm.

Well last night reminded me of that. He was looking on his phone before bed. He gets up and looks out all the windows all of sudden. Than he pulls back the curtain above my head and peaks out there. All of sudden he is throwing on his jeans, sweatshirt and boots. I asked him what’s up and he said give me five minutes and I will show you. He ran up to the fuel pumps grabbed a window cleaning tool cleaned the window above my head and returned it. He got back in and said to put my glasses on than unhooked the top part of the curtain revealing the eclipse. We watched the eclipse from bed until I fell asleep and he took my glasses off.

Outside time

We have spent a hour outside enjoying the sunlight. The boys got to play fetch and we spent time working on obedience. Our dogs are usually well behaved but we still are always brushing up on obedience. Wrangler worked on maintenance on the truck while the dogs and I hung out near him. We have a parking spot with a grass field next to us that is acres. So they have plenty of room to stretch their legs.

Not a dog

I had been wondering if a dog had been sneaking up into our bed at night in the truck. I have a spot every morning that kills me in the truck in my back. Well I now have a good idea after two days of waking up hours before Wrangler what is happening. It’s not a dog sneaking in our small truck bed causing issues. Its Wrangler who is the problem. He tries to use me as his pillow or teddy bear. He has to sleep close. I am guessing the cold weather may play an issue in this. Well if he is guilty of molding me into uncomfortable positions so he is comfortable. This morning I woke to him pushing my knees to my chest with his legs and to his elbow in my back where it hurts. At home I think in our queen bed I can roll away but in the truck I am pinned up against the wall with no where to go. No wonder why I am tired and need more naps.


We finally seen sunshine today. After 8 days it was so welcomed. Wrangler slept until 11. Than we did laundry, ate lunch, and watched the fourth fast and furious movie while doing laundry. Now we are in the truck. Wrangler is getting rid of wire clutter on the dash. The only thing to cause clutter will be the two chargers. I put laundry away, remade the bed, and cleaned the sleep area up. Wrangler cleaned the cab up. I am debating on what to cook for supper. I am thinking meatballs. Wonder if that will be Wranglers choice.