10 Days

This week is almost over for work. It has been okay for the most part with a few problems thrown in. Next week will be tedious with training for the techs so not much for me to do. All of thr quarterly taxes will be completed at that point just to have something to do. But next Friday I am off to take my mom to a funeral across the state.

If Wrangler trucks this weekend I will go along for thr ride one day. He had Monday off due to the latest snow storm. And Wednesday off since there were no loads. I am assuming their will be loads. Other than that I plan to play in the dirt some. I have one flower bed needing attention due to it being buried in the snow drift when I did spring cleaning on the others. And I need to finish up the garden and pumpkin patch.

Today is Day 10 of my “life is good” challenge. I was nominated by my best friend. I am to post photos that bring me joy (no explanation) because we all need a little joy now…10 days…10 photos and nominate ten more people. If I choose you, please continue….. Today I nominate friends and family.

So I did the challenge above and today is the last day. I want to share the pictures that brought me joy. Picking only 10 was the hard part.


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