Wintery weekend

This weekend is supposed to be cold with chances of snow and rain. My four day walking spree is over and I am back to exercising inside again.

This week has not been bad. Work and home has had a good balance. I like when there is balance in life. Plus Remington is enjoying going to my mom’s extra large outdoor kennel on the nice days. He is an outside dog and comes home and wants to go right back outside after eating. Plus he is even tired enough to lay still when he gets home from Grandma’s.

Wrangler’s brace for his shoulder is in. Hopefully his bicep will start healing and he will be in less pain.

This week I never went in the truck. But accomplished a lot on my evenings at home instead. Two days Wrangler was home and wanting to help.

Remington’s favorite snoozing spot of late.


8 thoughts on “Wintery weekend

  1. Glad you were able to get 4 days of outside! Remy is so big now! He hardly looks like a puppy anymore! Sparky just got his elbow brace/ arm sleeve for his injury. I’m hoping he doesn’t overdo it now that he’s been cleared to go back to playing Pickleball!

  2. Glad some good things happened this week!
    Continued prayers for W’s shoulder. And YAY for home and helping. 🙂
    Remy’s still got puppy in him. So he plays hard and sleeps hard. 🙂 ❤️
    Cooper sometimes sleeps with his face up against things, like in that photo of Remy. I wonder why they do that?
    Make it a great weekend…even if it’s cold and rainy.
    Our high temp on Sat (today) and Sun is to be 50…with a low of 20 both days…cloudy today and rain tomorrow.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️

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