Today is the first day of spring but we are still having springish weather. Four or five decent days mixed in with two or three winter days every week. And we have days upon days of wind which unfortunately is common this time of the year in Kansas. But instead of 50s being thr nice days we are seeing 60s and 70s the last two weeks.

Yesterday the first of the seedlings we planted for the garden last week broke through the surface. I also spent two hours with Wrangler’s help working in the garden getting it ready last night or at least the first step. I also fenced off two of my four flower beds. It has never been an issue in the past but Remy is digging, eating the new growth, and thinks my flower bed is his personal bathroom.

Speaking of Wrangler. He has a taped shoulder waiting on a shoulder brace to arrive. He is having bicep problems and is constant popping it out of place. So this is the suggestion to promote healing. But he also needs to baby it to heal and he won’t my stubborn husband.

My ankle is day four without the brace. I have walked extra on it and I seem to be healing up over that injury.

Rex is doing as well as possible with his old dog issues. A couple weeks ago he had a cold and it took a lot out if him when he was fighting it but he is bouncing back again. Cinch is doing well. He is enjoying the nice weather and walks. Remington is in a difficult stage right now. For some reason he is very whiny and constantly testing the limits. He is six months old now. Wrangler stopped taking him in the truck because he is misbehaving so bad the last five days. Since it is nice out today he gets to spend the day at my Mom’s extra large kennel to see if being outside and able to play all day helps. He loves being outside.


4 thoughts on “Growth

  1. Glad your ankle is doing better! 🙂
    Sorry to hear about W’s shoulder. 😦
    Sounds like Remy is having growing pains. 😦 I hope he settles down soon.
    I’m glad it’s getting springish…He will enjoy being outside more and getting his wiggles out by running and exploring.
    SO glad Rex and Cinch are doing well! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) and as I’m typing this it is raining outside! Rainy week so far! 🙂

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