Routine and Balance

Since January 27th it has been chaotic in life for Wrangler and I as we made the job switch for him. The first two weeks of February had no routine at home. This threw my balance off for sure. I am one who loves routines.

He has been working two weeks and there is still no routine like before when he would be home between 7 to 7:30. But there is communication happening between us that gives me a sense of routine and that gives me balance. I touch base after work for his ETA for arriving home.

This way I know when supper needs to be ready or if I even need to cook. Most nights it is seven to nine when he arrives home. One night it was after midnight and I awoke to Remington licking my face since he had not seen me in almost a day. Last night he was home when I got home from work. But every night he has been home.

Rex went with Wrangler for one day and the constant jarring of movement in the truck did him in. He enjoyed it for about two hours before it became to much. He is for sure only travel in my SUV or a pick-up anymore.

Cinch has went once which is a surprise. I figured he would go all the time. Some days Wangler goes alone

And Remy has went almost every day. Compared to our trip in December when he was teething and he tried to eat the truck he has done extremely well accept for eating a highlighter. My days are spent receiving photos of him and Wrangler.

Speaking of pictures. This was yesterday’s. Remy wanted a hug while Derek and him were in line. He did it an odd way.

Throw in videos of Remy barking at cows. Remy loves Wrangler the most that is for sure. Or at least he is Remington’s favorite person until food time.

Remy was in cute mode last night which means picture time.

Some of my latest edits from last summer.

This week has not been to bad at work. But I am glad it is Friday. I don’t know what the weekend will hold. Depends on if Wrangler works or not. If he works I will go one of the days.


5 thoughts on “Routine and Balance

  1. I think change can be challenging as even stopping a work schedule can cause migraines, aches and a general sense of unease until you get used to the paying the bills and moving forward again with a new direction. Wishing you all the best.

  2. GREAT photos! And the ones with Remy are so sweet! 🙂 I’m glad he’s able to travel with W! Good for both of them! 🙂
    Maybe Cinch wants to stay close to Rex and to you for some reason only he know. ??? Dogs are very intuitive and he might enjoy being with you and Rex and not on the road if there is a choice.
    Did you find out if you have travels this weekend?
    Whether home or on the road, prayers for safety and a good time.
    I understand how you feel about routine and balance. I hope with the new job and schedule that both can be found.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

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