Getting Ready

The big change is here. Wrangler’s last day was Friday. His new job starts a week from today. This week he is getting the truck ready. Things like tires, brakes, and a deep clean.

The truck spent the weekend in the detail shop. It got cleaned up inside and out. Wrangler is over there again today working on it. I did the interior cleaning and waxed the truck. It was a busy two days of the weekend spent on the truck and very little else.

Saturday evening Best Friend stopped by for the night. It had been almost a year since wr had seen him. It was good to catch up.

Rex is doing well still. Remington is potty trained even in his kennel while I work.


25 days

The first 25 days have been eventful of 2023. It all started after a week’s vacation to visit family. Than it was time to play catch up that first week of work and do all the end of the year stuff.

The first weekend brought our anniversary which Wrangler and I have yet to celebrate because of health issues of me and Rex two different weekends. And snow on one of those weekends having roads shut down. Maybe this weekend but they are talking more snow.

I had four migraines in nine days. Three of them in a hundred hour period. It started the second week after work had normalized.

The night after I went to the doctor for the migraines Rex took a turn for the worse. We thought we were losing him. And the vet gave him very little time. But he overcame it and is back to normal Rex with energy and appetite. Wrangler and I think he was fighting a virus that made him weak and caused his heart arrhythmia to ramp up.

Throw in that Wrangler put his notice in and is in his last days of work before he takes our semi Elmo back out on the road for work. And he will be off a week in between jobs.

It has been a very crazy 25 days. And the next 25 are probably just as crazy as we get used to the new routine. Rex is still officially retired. He will be at home with me full time as I plan to keep my job. Remington is not allowed in the semi. He tried eating it on our vacation. So until his chewing gets better he is home with me. Cinch is excited to go again. He will enjoy being on the road with Wrangler.

Top left: I snapped this picture of Rex standing up to eat. If was a picture of joy and relief. Top right: Remy has decided sleeping with mom and dad is boring. He never chews at night so we trust him to be with the other boys on the floor. This picture is unusual because Cinch does not like dog beds. He prefers the hard floor and in the past when we had a bed foe him he would never lay on it. Bottom: I set my quilt frame up. Taxes are waiting on documents to come and they can go to the accountant. So I have time to quilt. It is my favorite winter pass time.

Rex update

Rex is holding his own. He has been loved on. He has been spoiled. He is doing well with the prognosis we received last week.

We had a snow day yesterday. We watched movies, relaxed, and just had a low key day. It was much needed. Wrangler’s boss texted him as he was walking out the door to stay home.

Remington loves snow along with Cinch. They have played hard in it.

Goodbye time

If you don’t hear from me for a while know that I am still going. We got news 18 hours ago we are still trying to process. Our faithful family member Rex heart is giving our and they gave him 24 to 48 hours at the vet.

He is still with us this morning. He is in no pain so the vet suggested to bring him home where he is comfortable. I am home from work with him today.

He has been in Wrangler’s life for nearly 18 years. And mine for over 12 years. Saying goodbye is very hard. He is so much a part of our family.

We been hanging out with Rex as much as possible.

Two Humps

My title may seem strange bear with me for a minute. The first Hump is today is hump day for my work week. And I am very happy about that it has been a busy month with end of the year stuff but it is done.

The second hump is I went to the doctor yesterday after I struggled with a fourth migraine in nine days. I had one come on Monday night and it was still active 14 hours later when I went to the doctor. The shot they gave me is a miracle worker and I feel better now than I have since last Wednesday. I now have prescribed migraine medicine which should help future ones.

Out of this whole migraine experience a couple thoughts have crossed my mind. My main thought was I was very scared. What happens if I am going to end up like my dad and grandpa. They were in bed for long periods with them.

My second thought us dogs. What wonderful loving creatures they are. Wrangler was starting to get grumpy because these migraines were fought all night and I was up and down, crying and moaning from the pain, and very restless. This intruded on his sleep schedule and he was getting grumpier by the day. But Remington who sleeps with us was my buddy through it all. He has barely left my side if I am laying down. And he gentle muzzles my hand or arm on occasion to reassure me. Cinch has been by my side on the floor. And Rex loves sharing the couch with me for naps. I am blessed to have three loving dogs in my life.

Look how big Remington is now curled up to Rex. He is about to out grow Cinch in height. Remy loves attention from dad or mom. Here is a special picture.


Today was Remington’s final puppy shots. He is good for a year now. Cinch and Rex received their yearly shots. I am so grateful Wrangler went with me to the vet. Three dogs is a bunch on a day you feel good let alone a day where you feel ran over.

Since last Sunday I have struggled with three migraines. Sunday medicine and a couple hours of sleep helped. Thursday night I was in bed at six with one. And by nine it had broken. And last night I woke up at two with the worst pain I ever had of one. This is after going to bed armed with medicine. I was wanted to go to the ER but another dose of medicine took it away after a while. If it was not a forty minute drive I would have probably been in there in a heartbeat but the drive would have been miserable.

I tried to go to the chiropractor yesterday in case it something in my neck causing them but she is on maternity leave and is in only Wednesday afternoons. So Monday I will be going to the old chiropractor that I do not like as much.

Today we stopped at the local Cafe on the way home from the vet. And ate. I got home at noon and did not leave the couch until five sleeping the majority of that time. All I have accomplished today other than the vet is a eight block walk with Cinch and Remy to enjoy some fresh air and to loosen up

My soul

This was the sunrise yesterday as I walked across the parking lot into work. It may my soul feel peaceful.

To me a beautiful sunrise or sunset can make the most trying of days good. It brings me peace.

The one disappointment I have about sunrises or sunsets is the camera never truly does the scene before my eyes justice.

This week has been much better than last week at work. I have accomplished so much without feeling overwhelmed.

At home I have been finishing up a bunch of small tasks. By this weekend my to do list should be considerably less.

Staying positive

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is staying positive. Yesterday was a very trying day. We spent our anniversary with Wrangler’s family. His mom got to him and we went. And the majority of the family did not even say Happy Anniversary.

And today there is nothing open but fast food in our rural stretch of America so we worked on our own projects on our to do lists. Mine was to get Christmas packed away inside and out. I also enjoyed a walk on this 50 degree day with Cinch.

This week work should be better. There is still a bunch end of the year things but a good chunk is already completed. Plus no catch up.


We are in a rough spot with Remington. He is around the four month mark and he is teething. It can go on for the next two months. It is making anything a chew toy for him. He is very restless when he sleeps. Did you know there are rubber toys you can freeze for puppies just like babies? I did not until I did research.

After much research I have a workable plan going ahead through the next few months with this. It includes frozen bones and soft fruits that can be frozen. It includes lots of exercise. And diverting his attention to toys.

Monday was a brutal work day. After being gone for a week and the fact it was payroll day it was busy. Yesterday was still a lot due to end of the year things and a switch in a program. Today I have been working on end of the year taxes that I do. And doing some prep for the accountant.

At home I have been busy due to returning from our vacation and other tasks. And having a very needy puppy plus an older dog that has extra care steps to the routine with an extra medication just added. Maybe sometime this weekend Christmas I will get down.

Happy New Year

In under an hour 2023 will be here. Happy New Year dear friends. I am hoping this coming year is a good one for all.

2022 was a year of change for us. We took normal jobs and parked the truck. Wrangler has a job offer on the table to put Elmo back to work. But he should be home a couple evenings a week with the job offer. But right now we are not for sure what he is doing.

We are a little over 3 hours from home tonight. We will go the rest if the way tomorrow so I can return to work Monday and Wrangler Tuesday. We are in a favorite campground for the night and arrived around ten.

I am glad we took this trip. It was reinforced how precious time with older love ones is. We had a scare with Wrangler’s grandmother while we were there but she is back to doing well.