Last week I felt low energy all week. Like my battery was severely drained. Obligations kept my evenings busy mid week. And then Friday I said no more and took a rest but not soon enough to prevent the migraine.

I am slowly recovering my energy post migraine. This week at work is more normal until at least Thursday when the techs take off for the long weekend.

So this week I am going to bed early to receive 9 hours of sleep. I am limiting what I do after work to an hour. And I am trying to take a nap over lunch.

The picture above is me holding a cabbage from my garden last night.

Cinch would not leave my side Saturday. Wrangler finally gave up trying to make him leave me alone. He even put Rex in bed with me to snuggle for a nap when he was outside working.



The last couple of weeks I have had to be more social than normal. The trucking life served me well in someway because it gave me an excuse to be less social. But now I am being pulled into more social situations.

Last Thursday was my hometowns back to school community gathering. I went and was social. Sunday was niece’s 7th birthday party. That was very draining for me because we hardly saw niece and I had to deal with a lot of drama.

Wednesday my boss is insisting on me coming to a fundraiser to the club he belongs to. He will pay for my husband and my meal.

And then Thursday night is a gathering for family of my dad’s cousin who I think of more as an Aunt then cousin. I decided against going to the funeral. I would prefer to see family and not go through the emotional rollcoaster I become at funerals.

After all of this interaction in eight days time it leaves me wanting to stay home in my own bubble. I am a person who likes small groups with meaningful chats instead of large bodies of people.

Add in a couple of weeks ago with fair and the tractor show the same week. It has been a lot.

Old Glory and God’s Paint brush is how I captioned these photos on my photography page.

Tough week

This work week has been a tough one due to lack of brain stimulation. One of the two techs is on vacation. The other tech is almost done with his work for the month and only worked two days this week to spread his work out over the remaining days. This left me with very little to do all week.

So I made some projects to get me up and moving. I deeped cleaned the show room. I think I scared boss at first but he was happy instead of dorking around I was at least busy. Then I deep cleaned my office, the bathroom, and the break room.

But this week has been very long and I am ready to return to a normal schedule around here on Monday.

It has been cooler this week so I have been outside a bunch. Plus mom and I have been preserving stuff most nights like cabbage, broccoli, green beans, and peppers. I made four loaves of zucchini bread which is probably not enough due to Wrangler loving it. They freeze well.

Last night at dusk Wrangler pulled the bike out of the garage and said let’s go foe a ride. There is nothing like a ride on a good or bad day to make your day better. It was much needed after the long week I had.

Pictures from the ride last night. We ended up going thirty miles.

Snake weekend

Right now I have no motivation to go into the main garden to work. Two mornings in a row I have been scared by a snake. I asked Wrangler to figure the situation out. I am living with a snake at my garden entrance. Not even a harmless garter snake. They all terrify me.

Mom was gone this weekend so I took care of her two cats, her dog, and her numerous chickens. I also watered for her.

Work is slowing down some. Summer is our busiest time for sure. This week starting tomorrow may be long because the tech with the most invoices to bill out everyday is on vacation all week. I plan to do a bunch of deep cleaning.

Some around me received bad news this week. Sometimes I feel so helpless when all I can do to help is to pray.

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A quick pop in

This week was stressful and busy. There was some major trails and some good times. Another week is just around the corner.

This weekend has been a working around the house and garden weekend. Last weeks neglected garden has needed a bunch of attention this week and weekend. I almost caught up again.

Two months ago I started Pilates. My constant back problems was getting old so I started fighting back. My back was the only benefit I had noticed until the other day. Instead of this mostly bent leg it is now straight. I can now nearly touch my toes when leaning forward sitting on the floor. I also did my first advance workout this week. It was hard but I felt like with a little practice I will once again be comfortable. When it cools off some I plan to start running again.

I still am going to be gone more then I am here. I need less in my life since my busy season is here. Thank you for the support.

Some of my latest edits.