A Step Back

I am taking a step back from my blog for a while. I just have a bunch on my plate right now. And instead of letting this be one more thing on the list I am letting it go for a while so I can concentrate on what is mote important. I hope to see you soon. I will definitely read your post on occasion I am just not posting.


Dreaming of Purple

Today was the judging at the county fair. Mom and I both entered stuff. Mom received three Grand Champions the highest honor. They were on her cabbage, a painting, and her cinnamon pickles. I received two Reserve Champions which is the spot below Grand. They were on my garden collection and my salsa we canned last year.

Tomorrow is the last day of work. Than we leave for the tractor show. In the hour I wait on Wrangler to get home after me I will do the last minute things.

Looking at Monday

Today is Monday of a three day work week. The tractor show Wrangler loves to participate in starts Thursday. So we have three days of work and three days of show and one day to catch up this week. Cell service gets overloaded at the shows posts may not happen later this week.

I had a very productive weekend. Saturday a hard push in the morning before it reached 106 outside. Then an afternoon spent on the house. By six I was ready to cook supper and relax. Wrangler was in bed by eight because he was very tired.

Yesterday was preparing for the show. The camper is loaded except for last minute things. I worked outside all day in the wonderful heat broken wave of 86 degrees. Last night we went for a ride on the bike. It was very much needed.

All of these are cell phone pictures. 1-3 pictures from our ride. 4 let the busy season begin. 5 is me with a Sunflower.. 6 my new ride. 7 a Sunflower.

Heat exhausted

We are on and I don’t how many days of upper nineties and the triple digits. We are all exhausted and getting grumpy. In the winter I go crazy being stuck inside all the time. Well I am going stir crazy being inside due to the heat. My garden and the weeds are thriving due to the heat but I am only outside about half hour a evening to work in it to stay safe.

Work has been slow and boring. I have had time to get some of the when I have time projects finished. My new ac is doing a much better job than the old one.


Yesterday we said a final goodbye to Wrangler’s Grandpa as he took his only ride in the Hudson Hornet we own like Wrangler had promised him before he died in November. We never figured that it would just be his ashes along for the ride.

Grandpa is laid to rest at the cemetery next to Wrangler’s Grandma. Grandpa’s current wife will be buried at his feet when she dies.

It was not an emotional as I figured but I think both Wrangler and I have accepted that he is gone and he will be forever missing from our lives except for the memories we have of him.

As we traveled home last night I was very much so drained due to the long day with little sleep the night before. Wrangler and I are very much alike. We do fine with people in small groups but a large bunch is mentally draining.

Pictures from Grandpa’s final ride and the trip down.

The garden is starting to produce. It won’t be long and the jars will be coming out of storage.

Pictures from camping in June of the boys.

Perfect weather

In the winter I snuggle on the couch wishing for warmer weather. Right now I huddle on the couch wishing for cooler weather. But my wish over all is for moisture.

Today is day one of a very hot stretch. The coolest high in the ten day forecast is 97. Some how the garden is thriving with the heat. This last ten days it really took off. This weekend I will be harvesting many items.

We are in dire need of rain. We have went a year with about four inches of moisture when they melted what sparse snow we got down for that total. Wrangler and I have been debating about letting the green yard go. It is a constant fight right now to keep brown spots out. The garden and trees are more important.

I am caught up at work once again. I am quickly running out of special projects. I am dreading the days of very little to do that I know is coming soon.

At home I work outside in the late evenings. It feels like I accomplish very little in my beds or the garden. But the heat has been unbearable and I have no shade until around 7:30 at night on the garden to work in.

Sunday we bury Grandpa’s ashes. It is bring is back into our grief that had settled down.

Mom with one of her chickens.


Today our high temp was a 105. This weekend was miserable outside. Working outside in the early morning is the only way to safely get anything done.

Tomorrow a cold front is supposed to come through dropping the tempatures into the 80s again.

Wrangler and I went on a mini adventure after he worked his last of five Saturdays in a row. Last week he was actually home in the evenings a little. When we got home last night we watched the sun go down. And sat outside until late because the bugs were not biting, the dogs in the neighborhood were not barking, and no music was to be heard.

I thought Rex was no longer able to get on the couch without help. Boy was I wrong.

My first Zinnia is blooming. They are my favorite flowers. I am so thrilled to see them opening up.

8 days

We only have to get through 8 more days and Wrangler actually gets a weekend off. But on that weekend we bury Wrangler’s Grandpa’s ashes so it will not be a peaceful or fun weekend.

This week has been peaceful even with new problems at work. Every time I think things are under control a new curveball is thrown.

I have been working in the garden a lot. But on Tuesday nothing was done because at 8:30 at night it was still 100 degrees out and unbearable due to the wind accompanying it.

I am definitely not a firework photographer. My pictures did not turn out well enough to posy. I did a lot of research before the Fourth and still came out with nothing worth sharing.

My ninth book is slowly coming along. The days of writing twenty pages are long past for sure. I am lucky to get five in.

Some or my latest edits from my flower beds and pots.

Happy Fourth

Wrangler worked Saturday and tomorrow on the Fourth of July. But we still plan to have good food and to lite some fireworks off since my husband is a pyromaniac.

We received a hard and sideways rain. We had thirty hundredths of rain in the rain gauge in the early evening. It was very windy and sideways so I am sure we received more than that. We are so thankful for the moisture and the hungry ground soaked it right up.