I’m back

We are headed home from the lake. Will write a long post later. Today we will be doing what needs done for us to hit the road again tonight in the semi.

I plan to catch up on comments in a minute. Thank you all for leaving them. And I will try to catch up on all your post later. Sorry if I miss a few.

We had a good time with friends, family, and just the two of us. We have the camper freezer packed with fish.

There will be pictures to come in the future. But they are not priority right now.


While I am away

Today is Sunday and I scheduled this post on Tuesday. There are more photos to share before I have a bunch of lake pictures to share.

Yesterday the weather was supposed to be 81. Today the high is supposed to be 85. But being so far out when I wrote this post that is bound to change.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week coming up. Look for an update Tuesday or Wednesday from me about vacation. If nothing has changed in camp there is service for phone calls and texts only. I plan to unplug from my normal apps and social media on my phone.

Happy weekend

I am writing this on Tuesday morning. But it scheduled to post on Friday while we are on vacation and have no service to do anything data wise. I will catch up with comments once vacation is over.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Day one (yesterday) of vacation is set to be 99 degrees out. Today is supposed to be much cooler at 88 degrees. Luckily we are at the lake and can just get in the water when we are hot. The temperatures were pulled on the weather app Tuesday so it may change.

The main reason for the post is a photo dump before vacation pictures are posted.

Friday the 25th is the 17th anniversary since my dad died. He has now been as gone as long as he was in my life. He would have been happy to spend the day fishing with us if he was still alive.

Are we there yet

We are 30 miles from our last unload before vacation. Than a 3 hour trip home from there.

We will be leaving tomorrow morning for vacation. We got to take the trailer 45 miles east of the house for repairs. And the truck 20 miles west of the house for a tune up. We then have to do the final loading and hooking up of the camper and boat. Wrangler has lots of last minute projects to do. I have food, pillows, and charger.

I am ready for vacation. It had been a long time coming. And work is going to get more crazy by the day in the near future. Change is in the air and lots of red tape ia required.

Our campsite last year had no data service. We can make calls and texts but the service is so low that data does not work. So I will be catching up with WordPress after vacation. And the lake itself has poor service for Verizon all over.

Sunset from home

We left last night to go an hour and a half up the road to where we were to load this morning.

Yesterday was a day spent finishing up weeding on the garden. Prepping the truck for the week. And getting everything on my list loaded into the camper except for the day of stuff and food.

Right now we are headed to the outskirts of Denver to unload. Than from there I am guessing back to the plant to load the load that was moved due to lack of product.

Friday night the sunset was breaktaking. These photos below are from it.


Hey this is Cinch and I am taking over mom’s page. I am going to tell you about the last few days.

We arrived home early yesterday morning. Instead of letting Rex and I play Mom and Dad ushered us to bed. I made sure to sneak up and snuggle between them when Dad started snoring.

Than the left us alone for four hours while they went on a trip. I was mad to be left behind. I spent the time laying on the cold air spot in the kitchen floor or looking out the window for mom and dad. Mom did bring squeaky balls home with her so she was welcomed home.

Mom filled my stock tank so I could swim. I have been since getting wet then finding the closest human to shake off on.

This morning I helped mom weed in the garden by keeping her company. When she was weeding the flower beds she kept streaming because a frog scared her at least three times. I been swimming and made mom mad when I shook off in the camper where she was working. Now mom is enjoying the last of the cool tempatures this morning on the bench and I am at her feet.

Dad says we go in the truck three days next week and then we go fishing. I love the lake. I live fishing. And I love being on the boat.

Well Mom says we are going to go make lunch and wake dad up. I am going to go jump on him and lick his face.

Work all night

We have been working all night and sleeping the heat of day away. We are just starting our day. It is much more pleasant for Wrangler to unload and load in the evening and the middle of the night than during the awful heat of the day.

I finally received a good night sleep last night. I have not been sleeping well because of the heat. So I was glad for a good night sleep.

Yesterday went well despite the heat. We had one unload while it was hot. The rest were when it was cool and the blazing sun was no longer a throat.

These were captured on the west side of Denver and up into the mountains a little bit to the south.

Down and thoughful

The last few days I have been down by a piece of news a friend shared. I have been thoughtful and prayful trying to figure out what to do.

We been running around Denver this week for two loads. Now we have a few shorter runs for a day or two. Than another long run for our go home load as of right now.

The heat is getting worse by the day. It sounds like Friday it will lessen and give us a break. Tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be record breaking. The temperatures we are having are more like end of July and into August temperatures.

Slowly getting there

Vacation prep went well. I am down to grocery shopping and loading food. And loading clothing for vacation. The boat has been gone through and cleaned up.

The garden is weeded and all the grass clippings we have are applied. The work is done early in the morning and the two hours before sunset. The heat is setting in and it is humid still during the day making it worse.

This weekend I walked 40000 steps in two days without ever going on a walk. I sleep well because I am tired.

Wrangler was working on wiring for the boat tail lights when hooked to the camper and installing a fish finder on the boat. Plus he mowed. Changed the oil on the truck. Flushed the water system out on the camper. But the heat made him spend more time inside than he wanted.

We are pulling into our destination to load at in the morning. We had a some productive days at home and vacation is on the mind.

Homeward and looking forward

We are almost home and will be until late Sunday night. We have two busy weekends ahead.

Vacation dates have been accepted. Less than 2 weeks and we will be lakeside for almost a week. We can’t wait. We have a long weekend at the end of July to look forward to after that. And ten to twelve days off in August for a wedding.

Wait times the last two days made us a half a day later getting home than we should have been but it is still Friday so spirits are high. We had less than a hour to go from our unload spot home.