Change of plans

Our week has been nothing but change of plans. All started with the plan through Wednesday being texted to us Sunday. Okay good it sounds like a good start to the week. Within two hours our first load canceled in South Dakota until it dries out. They added a new customer who wanted no contact with us. I think they made sure to be gone or hid in the house while we unloaded. It was a strange feeling I got from that load.

Tuesday load went on with no problems. Our for load today was canceled until it dries out. Insert one South Dakota load the only problem is we want you in during the middle of the night to unload because of mud and its froze then. It did not seem any muddier than what we have been dealing with.

Tomorrows load was another South Dakota load. Big surprise it was canceled because the river is almost a half mile wider than the bridge on both sides right now. We went over the bridge and was like no wonder. There are people who have to be flooded out because their house is right on the banks of the river on route to our unload point in past trips. Melting snow from last weeks blizzard is the cause of the flooding in the part of South Dakota we are in.

So Fridays load is tomorrows now. And depending on conditions today’s supposed load that was canceled maybe Fridays.

Through this all Wrangler and I worry for the farmers and ranchers. They have had a very hard winter and this spring had been worse. We understand all the shuffling happening this week. We knew when the snow melted there would be chaos for our loads. It caused chaos at home when our snow melted.


6 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. Sounds like an ever changing of plans week. šŸ˜¦
    And you are so right…life and work is now so tough on the farmers, etc., after the wet/snowy winter. šŸ˜¦ Prayers for them and for you all as you travel and try to get the jobs done.

  2. Sounds like you have been very flexible. Hope the water recedes and everything dries out a little. We had rain all day today and the ground is saturated. I keep checking our basement!

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