We are headed towards home. We still have eight hours ahead of us today. And we will be home around 24 hours before heading out once again. I dont care if it’s a short time home. Our week started on Tuesday for one. Two I get to do laundry at home and not a truck stop. Three a shower at home is always more relaxing than a shower on the road. This is also a record for us. I dont really remember the last time we were home four weekends in a row.


Good night sleep

Night before last I hardly slept because my nose ran and all I did was blow it. When it was time to get up yesterday just getting dressed was to much a task. I took two long naps yesterday. Tried a different medicine. And still did not feel human at all.

Today is a different story. I was actually able to sleep through the night with waking up one time for a drink. I feel almost human this morning. I have gotten dressed and it did not tax my energy supply. I did paperwork. Did my daily morning task to clean the truck up. I still feel decent.

Maybe I am on the mend. But if I feel a nap needing to happen I will go lay back down.

Elmo is running great I am not

Elmo is running good. She made it all the way to New Mexico yesterday and we are in Texas headed back to Kansas for our next load that will come back to New Mexico.

Wrangler is around 70 percent after a sore throat Sunday, a runny nose Monday and Tuesday. I felt great until about a half hour after we got up yesterday when I sneezed and instantly the runny nose and sore throat hit. Today no sore throat but I feel awful. 10 hours of sleep that was interrupted by my nose. Wrangler wants to have the windows cracked. That is fine just dont expect me to hear anything because I have so much pressure in my ears today. I have been taking cold medicine from the first sneeze. It does not seem to help any. I for see a nap in my near future.

Elmo is back

Three weeks one day eighteen hours after the loud boom Elmo (our truck) is back and running. Since five thirty it’s been a run two and a half hours back to the office to return the borrowed pick-up and hooked up to the trailer. Throw all of our belongings back into Elmo. Wrangler double checked tires. I put stuff away. Things actually have a spot again. Than the twenty miles to the load point. We are pulling into to load right now. I can breath and relax now.

Healthy eating

I am not a health freak when it comes to eating by far. I occasionally enjoy desert. I dont count carbs or calories. I eat burgers and onion rings on occasion.

Yet at the same time 90 percent of the time I get salad instead of fries or onion rings. At a restaurant they care very little about healthy eating. When you ask for a small salad on the side and not to bring fries. They go that’s going to cost you extra. I dont care if it cost me extra. If it keeps me from having a heart attack at 50 the extra cost of a salad when we eat is worth it. I eat a lot of chicken. Today I had a salad and a chicken wrap loaded with cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce. Much better than the greasy burger Wrangler ate. Add in the two pounds of chips that came with the burger.

At home I eat more fruits and veggies a meal than the main dish. I am ready for fresh garden produce to eat.

Lots of pages

This week has been productive for writing. Thursday was a twenty page day. It just came pouring out. The book is to the spot in the middle where it’s being building up to the whole book. And last night was another three pages while supper was in the oven. And another five tonight. I could have wrote a lot more but its 11 and shower time.

Lazy days

Some days you are just in a lazy mood. Its rainy so it’s an inside day. I curled up and read the new release by my favorite author. Now I am probably going to drag the computer out and write myself between loads of laundry. Hope everyone has a great weekend.