Weird schedule

Last week we got on a weird schedule. We started our days out at ten or eleven. And by the time we fell into bed it was at least one. It was the same way at home last weekend. This week our wake up time and bed time has been pushed back another hour or so. Wrangler is a night owl so he is fine with this schedule. He has trouble getting up in the mornings. I on the other hand by eleven at night I am done for the day. I start dozing off in my seat. Wrangler is like why dont you ready or do your puzzle game. I fall asleep doing it. When we finally go to bed I sleep six to seven hours and I am awake for the day. Wrangler will sleep for another hour or two.

I was reading something on Facebook about a couple who fought over blankets and would wake up to their spouse hitting or kicking in their sleep. At home Wrangler is a blanket thief. In the truck we have a queen size comforter for a full size bed. There is plenty of blanket. Next comforter we buy for home will be a king size one for our queen bed. And waking up hurting because of your spouse we have been there done that. For a while I was waking up every morning with a very sore back and finally figured out Wrangler was using me as his teddy bear and jabbed his elbow in my upper back. After I mentioned it to him it stopped. Snoring is an issue also. When Wrangler snores Rex does too it seems. If I lay on my back I snore.


Toaster oven adventures

Never have I owned a toaster oven until last weekend. We bought a cute little one. Heating a can of soup up was a learning curve. It was flaming hot when I took it out but by the time I got buckled in up front it was on the cold side. Day one beirrocks set at 300 degrees. Did not work very well with in 2 minutes the tops were black. Take 2 on beirrocks cooked at 200 degrees took about 10 minutes. Almost perfect in temp. Take 3 is for supper right now. Going to leave them in one bulb light up cycle longer than when I think they need pulled.

This may be a good thing to have in the truck. I am thinking about trying a small pasta dish next

New words

So last weekend we bought a new computer. I bought mine in 2009 and it was a dinosaur that the new printer did not like and would not update many things anymore. It was surprisingly fast in it’s old age. It did have a big quirk though. It had to be plugged on at all times to run.

Well I now have a computer that is not connected to the charger at all moments. With the temperatures hovering in the single digits when Wrangler unloads I am using that time to write on my book. And if I am not to a stop spot when he is done I bring the computer up front and keep typing. I am flying through chapter 17. The characters are very similar to the outline I made but at the same time my mind has lead the story in twist and turns I have never thought of. I also know on of my early chapters is going to need lots of help. It just lacks the spark and easy flow the rest of the chapters have carried.

Another day

Today is another day. Another day of cold, another day of snow flurries, another day that is dragging along. I have the I am over winter blues. I want to feel sun on my skin. To shed about ten pounds in clothing and waterproof boots. To have hair that does not look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket right after I brush it. To just relax outside by the firepit.


We are in more frozen territory. Snow covered and below freezing temps are the norm for us anymore. Long days without the sun. To have temps as low as we have for February is unusual. This may be the worse winter of my lifetime on temps and number of snows. I have the fishing itch. Two years ago this weekend we were out on the lake already catching fish. That’s probably not going to be possible because the lakes have ice.


So there was a blizzard out today. So today was a good excuse to work hard on catching up on book work. I am working on transferring files from the old computer to the new one.

We were suppose to have a house full tonight but the weather changed that.