The end of this week is in sight. Monday was awful. Tuesday was a little better. Yesterday was probably on the level of a worse day of a good week. It just was long. Today is a shorter day for us. We have called in our lunch order. We know where we want to eat at and will be through in a short while. We have ate out of the truck so much this week we can eat both meals today out.

If you remember two months ago we ate soup and sandwiches for two weeks straight. Well we still eat in the truck daily but somedays it wraps. We are tired of bread sandwiches. I even do a pbj on a wrap which Wrangler finds gross but its not bad. Somedays its bbq meatballs I cook, somedays pizzas I heat up, and somedays soup. I want to try a wrap recipe my aunt makes for Christmas this weekend. I can make and cut them at home and they are ready for the week.

Well now all of our bills we had charged while working for the other company and were paying the minimum monthly payments are wiped out. We put on six new tires which is four hundred a tire and will make the last payment on them Friday. No other charges out there on our accounts. With the old job we were making so little we were digging a deeper hole every day. With this new job in two months we are building up savings instead of bills.


Laughter and feelings

We shared some laughs and had some nice conversations. Today was some what better once the day got going. We have a pitted windshield and a dented tarp bow from our first reload of the day. We pulled in one place with seconds to spare to get unloaded. We had to hurry like crazy to make that. It makes me have to go to the bathroom when we dont have time to stop. We sat down and ate our first sit down meal of the week after unloading.

Better but not great

Today was better but not great. It just not been a good week. Wrangler and I are just amazed how weeks can go good and another week is just completely crazy. It’s cold out also. Home is not in the crazy chill that eastern Kansas and lots if other states are in. Low is around 17 at home. That is warmer than it got where we were at today.

Monday Monday

Today is definitely a Monday. It’s like its Friday the Thirteenth on a Monday. Starting with a grumbling Wrangler. My solution to that was have some coffee honey. Than we were at the body shop. The insurance finally sent the check for their idoit driver’s mistake in September. If it happens again we will be getting a lawyer thr next day. What a waste of time and two weeks wages that was for us to have to pay the sales tax. Which is an outrages amount. Than we had to go to the most disorganized place of business for a warranty thing on the headlights. That place gives me a headache. Than off to the tire shop we went. With an unexpected stop for a hour along the way. We got 4 new tires so we are finally unloading. I am ready to go to bed or just pull my bag and purse and have my mom come get me since we are a hour from home still. It’s been one of those days. Wrangler is less grumpy and agreeing with me on the bad Monday.

On another note this weekend was a good weekend. We did not accomplish as much as we wanted. We accomplished only errands Saturday than we napped. Yesterday we worked as a team well to get stuff done. He even gave the boys a bath so I could work on the side for supper to the steaks he cooked and so I could finish up packing. They were a very wet and muddy mess.


Because we had a beautiful day our place turned into a swamp. The boys played in the puddles all day. I did normal Sunday stuff. We are ready to head out in the morning. We are a hour from our unload point.

New glasses

My new glasses came in this morning. The first hour was touch and go but no issues after. My mom is like those frames are similar to what you had before. My answer was I know. I like this certain look.

We went to town. When we got home we got groceries put away. I cleaned the fridge and finished unloading the truck. Than I sat down. Three hours later I woke up. Wrangler also took a long nap.

This evening I played cards with my mom. And cooked seasoned chicken, macaroni and cheese, and rolls for supper. Now I am ready to go to bed already.