Workout and cold

So this morning I helped Wrangler pack cotton into the trailer. It was around 40 and not to bad. Just don’t wear flannel for a cardio workout.

We headed north from the Wichita, Kansas area to York, Nebraska area. With every mile the temperature dropped and the wind howled more. It’s awful out here today. We are waiting on a load than we are going to the truck stop for food and a shower.


Wedding and Christmas

We had a busy weekend. I have a new FIL. MIL got married yesterday. She eloped and family met up after to eat. She has been dating her husband for 8 years. Than today was Chriatmas. It was a pretty good weekend minus one of the new husbands family who makes everyone miserable. Yesterday I was making calanders and she wanted me to wash and cut celery for a something she was not even tasked to make. Today I was reading to neice when she wanted me to go wash the dishes from more or her messes of cooking. She spilt Wranglers coffee and yelled at him. She just was constantly rearranging the house or telling MIL how its done.

Last night Wrangler, BIL and I played pool after eating. We were the only ones not drinking with supper. I told Wrangler if he wanted a drink I would drive but he chose pop.

MIL made placemats for us and coasters. Neice made a hand print with her picture tied to it. We got new Artic cups and a few other odds and ins.


Somedays your a champion. Some days you are a loser. Somedays everything goes well. Somedays nothing goes right. Somedays it’s a fight for survival. Somedays your best friend annoys you. Somedays your happy. Somedays your sad. Somedays you don’t feel good. Somedays you should be alone. Somedays you need others to lift you up.

Hope everyone had a good day but if you had a more negative one tomorrow can be a whole different day.

One of those days

Today is one of those days. I can’t wear my glasses because I get an instant headache. I am disoriented without them. I am sitting in the sleeper on the couch. BIL is up front with Wtangler. Our bed folds up into a couch and has seatbelts set up like the back of a newer Ford pick-up. I have napped a little but my eyes are still bugging me. I think it has something to do with the rainy gray sky today. The three hours I sat up front that was what I seen. The window in the sleeper is tinted so the light is not direct. We have four hours left today. Than we will be done for the night. Hopefully a night of sleep will help.


So at 7 last night I learned that BIL wanted to go in the truck. So it was a scramble. BIL did not listen very well when I said grab your blanket and pillow. He gets fleece throws for blankets and Wrangler gets to give up one of his three precious pillows. I have one pillow in the truck. Neither of the guys were much help this morning. I could have had wrangler on the road in ten minutes but the extra work to get another bed ready to dig the seat belts out and other things drove me nuts. Since our printer died I was looking forward to going to shop for a new one today so I could finish up gifts for Sunday. That now has to wait until Sarurday. I also had a couple of things around the house I wanted to do. So this morning I am a little annoyed and am going to read until nap time.