After a cold front with temps around freezing or below for highs the forty degree weather feels really nice. We had a busy day in town and at home. We had a duck for supper with mashed potatoes.


8 thoughts on “Warmer

  1. YAY for warmer!
    Love seeing your horses! Haven’t seen them in awhile. They’ve always been beautiful! Love those sweet faces and sweet eyes.
    Do you have duck hunters in your family or friends? Or did you buy it at a market?
    We had chicken and salad. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. I see the winter coats are showing on the horses- I hope the winter is milder than what is forecast. Duck sounds delicious! I am making venison chili this weekend. I hope my coworker gets his limit. He is hunting a “deer reduction” program – he won a spot in the lottery. His limit is 6 does and 1 buck. His mantra this week has been “if its brown its down” If he gets more than 2, he has promised me one!!! I’m thrilled and am crossing my fingers that he gets 4 or 5!!

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