Today is Friday but to us it feels like Wednesday. The weather is dreary out. It was foggy this morning. There is a winter storm moving in. Hopefully our trip to Oklahoma has no weather and by the time we head north hopefully the storm will be out of the way.



We are waiting to reload and what a line is ahead of us. There are at least 10 trucks that I can see. I am cooking supper as we speak. We are having melts and soup for supper. For the next couple of weeks we are on a tight budget so that means food that is in the truck for the most part. Maybe every couple of days we will get to eat out.

Electronic sensors

It amazes me that an electronic sensor biting the dirt will cause so much problems. Elmo is running like it should. We are loaded and about to take out on our new adventure. We want to go a couple hours down the road and call it a night.

I am just amazed in the difference between the companies. Wrangler and I talked about how we should have walked from the other one a year ago. After seeing this new company he may be right. They have more to offer than the old one for sure. We get reimbursed money for washing the inside of the trailer if it is required and a trailer wash is paid for every two weeks. One week we spent over three hundred dollars on trailer washouts because every load required them. It was a tight week just after a break down and that three hundred dollars was hard to give up. They also have direct deposit. That will make life on the road a little easier.

Settling in

So our truck passed the inspection no problems. The mechanic was impressed on how good our truck is maintained. Forty papers of paperwork later its done. We are waiting on a couple of permits and a fuel card to come in and a sensor that bit the dirt last night. Than we will run. We are going to go take a nap.


We are on our way to Goodland, Kansas to pickup the last piece for Elmo. Luckily we live less than 20 miles away. Than a forty mile trip to the body shop. Once that piece goes in we will do brakes. Than load up and make the four hour trek to the new company. We are both ready to go. I was optimistic and packed bags before we got the call.

On another note. Those of you who have partners do they ever wack you when they turn over. I woke to an elbow in the face this morning. When Wrangler broke his hand five years ago he would wack me everytime that hand would move at night. Yet I do not sleep good without him next to me. Even when he is snoring up a storm it’s better than not sleeping next to him.

Case of the Mondays

So the one and only piece that is needed for Elmo is the grill. It was in Colorado Springs last Wednesday. It did not move until this morning. It was suppose to go to Denver than to Goodland, Kansas. Than to the shop. Well it ended up in Grand Junction, Colorado. Now is on the way to Denver. Hopefully tomorrow morning it will be sitting in Goodland and Wrangler can go pick it up.

So the semi needs new brakes. We were going to do it today but the brake drums did not come in even when they were ordered last Wednesday and the part store has been open like normal minus Thanksgiving. They will be here tomorrow morning.

So we pulled the truck out of the body shop to go a block to the detail shop to give her a clean up. I was nearly done inside when the vacuum died. Wrangler is washing the outside. Its the first time in two months that I even have stepped foot in Elmo. When we are done we will run her back to the body shop for the night.