Happy Halloween

Like so many Halloweens in Kansas the kids are going to be icicles. Luckily no rain here so we are harvesting away. If your outside very long the cold wind sends you back indoors. Rex has decided to be a bed for Halloween he is laying with the covers over him. Granted then he gets to play outside and rolls in something awful smelling. We don’t have dog shampoo with us so he smells like lavender now like mom’s soap.


Horrible weather day

Today was an horrible weather day with awful winds and cold. I have been cold since 4 and just can’t seem to warm up. I am ready for a hot shower and to crawl under the covers to stay warm. Less than 3 hours left today is my guess.


Harvest days of rest are when it rains. Mother nature can always turn crazy at any moment and wipe a crop out at any moment. Usually the elevators don’t open up until noon or one on Sunday giving their workers the option to go to church. Today the boss man got a text early saying the elevator was open for business. This was at nine. So our day is starting early. We are dumping trucks and headed out to the field for more. Another chance of rain Wednesday hope we can get done in time.


The bad thing about milo is it’s what I think they make itching dust out of. Plus it kicks up my allergies. That is what we are cutting now. Between sneezing and scratching eyes out and scratching my skin off I was happy for a shower tonight.