Usually the harvester we are helping temporary has his crew together running anywhere from two combines to four combines.

Well one combine has something wrong that happened last Tuesday. They can’t figure out what it is so they called someone to come out to diagnose it. Last night a shaft broke. On another combine. Next rainy day or late start morning it will get fixed.

Today the crew is split. Three in one field with one combine, grain cart, and one company truck plus one or two hired.

And the crew we are on. The owner on combine, owners wife took a day off and is on grain cart, Wrangler in the truck hauling less than a half mile to grain bins. I am the runner between the two fields if something is needed.

They just got started for the day at noon. This morning was foggy and dew out and it was to wet to cut first thing. They tried to fix combines but neither is an easy fix.

After I got them to the field I ran 8 miles into the town of size with a grocery store and dollar General. I stocked up on drinks, sandwich makings, and snack food. Plus some easy quick things like frozen pizza for those late night snacks.


6 thoughts on “Split

  1. Harvest time is busy. I know the farmers run well into the night if they have headlights. I suppose you have to get it done before it snows, rains, freezes, etc… When the ground is muddy the combines just don’t like it!

    • Thanks. Cinch and Rex got to hang with mom a lot today. We have trouble running the a.c. and flipping breakers. So it was 85 today so mom hung out with them babysitting the a.c until it cooled off for the evening. Tomorrow they are calling for 60s

  2. I suppose you have a cell phone to go where you are appealed. Your work is multiplied but you face it with speed and courage ! Harvest is a hard work I bet you have a good sleep at night!.
    Love ❤

    • Yes I have my cell phone and the service is good here. I also take the boss’s pick-up at times that has a radio in it that connects with most of the trucks, the combines, and grain carts.

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