Long days short nights

Harvest is nothing but long days and short nights. Start around 8 in tbe morning when the elevator opens. End after the trucks get full after the elevator closes which is usually at ten. Last night when we got back to the camper is was midnight. By the time each of us showered and ate a quick meal it was 1. The alarm went off at 7. Supper is out to the field around 7 but after working more hours your hungry when it’s done.


6 thoughts on “Long days short nights

      • Prayers for them to be healthy and safe as they work the harvest. They’ve probably been doing it their whole lives. Hard working folks! My parents and their parents were all farmers. 🙂

      • Yes dad was a farmer and ran the harvest crew. It’s just really different than what we been doing. Last night it was 2 because they had to load a combine on the trailer. Next time I get back to the camper and shower and Wrangler is out working in the yard I am going to bed. He was so grouchy and tired last night.

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