On the road again

We were only home for a day and a half since yesterday was a nine hour road trip. We are on the road again. To harvest we go. We have a pick-up load of things I should have taken the first time. Like the crockpot and coffee maker. We have instant coffee but both of us would prefer the actual thing. A small space heater since the bathroom vent on the camper does not work and after freezing while showering the other night it’s a must. A winter coat. Had sweatshirts and jackets but a winter coat is a must. More long sleeves and t-shirts. Think the time for tank tops is ending. Took more meat out of the deep freezer to cook.


New company

We drove up to visit the new company we are switching to today. We will be on harvest a little longer. Than we will switch to the company. I am ready for the switch in some ways. I am ready to try new things. Elmo is home, camper is home, and the house is home. As long as I can lay down to sleep in one it’s home.

Slow day

We are heading home tonight. The insurance adjuster will becoming for the company that tried taking our hood off almost two weeks ago tomorrow. I will be working on garden and laundry. Things are falling into place more and more for the switch to the other company. The sunset was awesome.

Harvest bag

In my harvest bag I take to the field everyday is toilet paper, sunscreen, bug spray, hair brush, hat, sunglasses, long sleeve shirt, my kindle, headphones, and charger.

We have a basket of snacks. Some healthy and some not. A cooler full of water, tea, and a couple of pops.


The last three days we have had sandwiches for supper and lunch. The boss’s wife usually cooks but she is on the grain cart. Tonight I made enchiladas and Spanish rice for supper for the whole crew. Everyone was happy.

Started young

I started out in the truck during harvest when I was five months old. I was born in April. By the time fall harvest rolled around and mom went back to school teaching. Well some days the babysitter could not keep me so I ended up strapped into the carseat in the truck with my dad.

Some of my first memories are the four of us plied into the truck for a family ride. The truck only had two seats. My dad found a plastic one that fit perfect between the two seats for me and my younger sister. She started out being held by mom. Than as she grew we would share.

About five years later my brother was on the lap with mom. We would go for one round of ride to elevator most nights. It would be the only time to see my dad.

About the time I was able to spend weekend days in the truck with Dad they upgraded. We got a semi with a sleeper on it. Family truck time was easier. There was plenty of room.

After that truck was bought dad started hauling corn an hour and a half away for January through mid March. Any Saturday or day off school I was with him.

My brother spent ages three until he started school with just dad and Grandma as babysitters because my mom could not find anyone else. He spent a lot of time he does not remember with Dad in the truck.

Harvest changed for me at age 14. No more truck. I spent the harvest in the tractor and grain cart helping out.

At age 18 seeing dad’s truck hurt. The summer he died was right at harvest time. But drought made it so there was no crops to cut that year. The next summer it hurt for dad’s truck to come to the field but not him.

My uncle who I grew up helping my dad and him farm got out when I turned 19. My other uncle took over totally pushing me away from tbe farm I grew up on and helped so many hours on. Harvest meant nothing to me.

Well at age 23 that changed. I had met Wrangler and he worked harvest for the harvester and friend we are helping now. He has helped with harvest off and on over the last 8 years.