Always carry food

The moral of the story in trucking is to always carry food. We been help up 31 hours at the worse. Yesterday it was 16 hours. Having two type of sandwich stuff, soups, and healthy snack items are a must. We have lots of fruit, cheese, and nut options for healthy snacking. Then of course we have unhealthy options like chips and dip. Wrangler has to have stuff like that on occasion. I have to have chocolate on occasion when I am stressed or having a bad day. But the one thing that you wont find much of in the truck is pop. Since mid June I have pretty much cut it out of my diet. At the most once a week it’s what I have had. This is mostly special circumstances though. Like at the threshing show Wrangler’s best friend bought one for all of us. Or I had a root beer float one day with BIL. Wrangler on occasion will drink pop but it’s not often. We carry cases of water, Gatorade, juices, and tea.


2 thoughts on “Always carry food

  1. Yes, that has to be so important when it comes to life on the road!
    I know that when we take road trips I always make sure we have plenty of bottled water and some healthy snacks. Just in case. You never know what might happen.
    Even just normal driving around, I keep water in the car. I’ve stopped and given bottles of water to men who are working on the side of the highways…trash pickup or landscaping.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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