Thankful for wind

I am thankful for wind. We would be miserable without it. It’s suppose to be 95. I really miss having a boat. One has been at a shop for over 2 weeks and the guy never touched it. Even though he said he would get it right in. The other one sank the rear end and Wrangler just has not had time to get it going.


Lake bound

We are loaded up and lake bound. We have under a hour and then we will be there settling in. I forgot my kindle at home. Oh well I can read from my phone.


We are done for the day just north of Lubbock, Texas. After two nights of not sleeping well I am wiped out and probably will be out before the sun disappears. We ate a buffet for supper. It really finished me off. Told Wrangler in a few minutes I am going into the sleeper to watch tv. I may be asleep in minutes though.

While waiting on Wrangler to unload earlier I finished up season 4 of the show Madam Secretary. If only a politician in real life would speak to me like her.


Holy cow the big town 20 miles down the road from us is having a festival. All of town has stuff going on other than Wal-Mart. Driving in town was scary today. On a good note Wal-Mart was abandoned. We were in and out in a timely manner.