Pink points on the map is the month of May. We have been in 23 states this year. The map with lots of colors is for the year. A different color each month.



Things that sometimes don’t bug me bugged me yesterday. These include waits at every load and unload point and minor issues on the truck like airbags not airing. I also wanted a nap much of the trip. Coming off vacation always requires adjustment. Both Wrangler and I were dragging. I am hoping today we will feel more like normal.

On another note wore my hair down inside the truck stop today because I had to use the faculties bad. The lady had to comment on how beautiful and how much natural curl is there. I said thank you. As we were walking out Wrangler said this time of year I am amazed when you have your hair down. I hardly see it like that in the summer because you say it’s to hot. I know it’s going up again. I like spring and fall when you wear it down a lot.

On the road again

Once again we are on the road again. Vacation was nice. Things did not go to smooth the first couple of days but it ended up being a nice trip. I could have stayed home and caught up the next few days but Wrangler thinks it will be a week and a half before we are home again so I went. When I get home a good house cleaning, flower beds and garden weeded, and camper cleaned up and reorganized again. We are planning a trip in July with Wranglers best friend’s family. That one will be only a weekend trip though.


We made it home after a slow start this morning. The back end of the boat was under the water when we woke up. The rangers helped us pull it up where we could bail it out. Once we got it floating we loaded it up and hit the road.

Busy time

We have been busy the last couple of days. They have been days out on the water. After figuring out our fish boat had bad gas in the system it’s running like a pro. We have been fishing like crazy with all three of us Wrangler, his friend B, and me. B has caught the smallest fish. And the most fish 4. Wrangler and I are both tied at 1 fish. With Wrangler with the longest. We also found a heck of a swimming hole. It’s chest deep and we can play and relax. You are 300 yards from the shore at the closest.