First planting

I planted my first thing in my garden today. It’s a permant fixture for sure. I planted asparagus and strawberries. I have us packed up and we are bouncing down the road in the awful wind. I just finished a good book by Robyn Carr and knitted some rows when we first started out.


Project wrap up

Well today I have finished a couple project. Mom’s chicken run is complete and her chicks/chickens got outside for the first time today. They are getting huge but I would still say they are chicks. My guest room is now complete. I have wanted a futon for a while and decided on one since we got this truck and need a home office more than guest room. I found one finally in my price range. It will be in couch mode unless we have guest.

Busy day

Today has been a busy day. We ran a lot of errands in town. Once home I worked on dragging out hoses, sprinklers, and patio lights. We enjoyed a fire in the fire pit. The garden fence works perfect to hang the lights.

One hour

We made it a hour from home when we had to stop last night. Pretty good since we started in Saint Louis and had to cross two states. When we get home in a bit we are done for the week. Below are the pictures from this week.

Saint Louis

We could not get reloaded because our unload took to long. We are on the outskirts of Saint Louis. Because we have plenty of time left on the logs we are stopping until seven. We are going to shower and eat and let traffic die down.

Wrangler picked our spot to stop last night. It was a pretty quiet truck stop that was not very popular. We had the back row to our self. All was well until it sounded like a plane was about to crash into the truck. He failed to see the Air Force Base across the highway on Google maps. Luckily this happened five minutes before the alarm went off instead of the middle of the night.

Cinch would not make it as a product tester at the pet food place we unloaded a load of peas earlier. Rex is really picky and won’t eat most treats. Cinch on the other hand will eat about anything. The treats they gave the boys neither of them will eat. Maybe the treats are just terrible.

The pictures are of the trucks they have in display in the truck stop we are at.

Short day

When you reload and know you are not going to get unloaded today. We stopped by the house which was on our way to shower and eat supper. We had plenty of time in our logs for a stop. I have been fighting a headache all day. I am low on energy. Yet I should be asleep and I can’t just get there.

Not a good start

It’s not a good start to your week when you can’t even make it 15 miles before the DOT stops you. They pulled us over we are guessing because we are a grain wagon who loads up to 80000 pounds which is the legal limit for interstates and our rig set up. We have started loading around 79000 pounds and calling it good. It’s hard for us to axle with the extra thousand on so we roll a thousand light. We have an APU (generator) that gives us a little extra on our drive axles in most states. He could not figure out why we were where we were at because from our load point Friday to our unload point today it was out of the way. When Wrangler told him that we live 12 miles down the road it made more sense to him. We passed his inspection with flying colors. We keep our tires in good shape. Change brakes before they get thin. Wrangler is always greasing the truck and trailer in down times. Lights all work.

Wrapping up

The truck is loaded minus my final load which is my purse and electronic devices. We will head out early in the morning. Supper is about finished. Wrangler has smoked ribs and corn on the cob on the grill all day. A shower is calling my name. I been outside as much as possible today.

The pictures are of my mom’s chicken run. It’s slowly coming together.