We are home until Wednesday. It’s unexpected but the clutch went out and it’s when the truck should be repaired. Time for craft projects.


20 miles

We ended up 20 miles from home last night. Wrangler thinks the clutch is out so we stopped at the shop to stay the night. They are trying to figure things out as we speak. Say a prayer that’s it is an easy fix and not the clutch.

Texas twice

This is the second morning this week we have woken up in the Texas panhandle. We started out our day in the very northeast part of Colorado. Ran over by North Platte, Nebraska for a reload. Than back to Texas we went.

It was a challenging day yesterday between me not feeling good this morning and Wrangler falling in a shower with no slip protection. Plus throw in a rude and crazy truck driver. The normal idiots.

Good husband

I think Wrangler freaks out a bit when I am under the weather. I have worked right through a lot of stuff but when something knocks me into bed he realizes I must feel like I am dying.

I must of slept wrong last night. I was fine when I went to sleep. I woke up with a headache. Within two hours I am aching so bad there are tears in my eyes. My hope was walking a bit would help ease the pain. It was from my neck into my back and side. It was bad enough I was bent over in pain in the store I handed what I wanted to Wrangler and went to the truck. I am in the floor of the sleeper when he gets in. My chair was killing me. I could not get comfy on the bed. Yet the floor I could brace just right. Finally the pain was cut in half where I could tolerate it. I finally moved up to the bed where the pain was there but nothing like before. All of sudden I moved and some thing popped and instant relief.

So when I feel better and get back in my seat I apologise to Wrangler. He could not see why I needed to say sorry when I did nothing wrong on purpose. I told him I had you worried. And I could tell you were freaking out a bit seeing me hurt that bad. Well guess who’s going to the chiropractor Saturday. Hopefully I am fine until then


Tonight as we stop for the night we are in Eastern Colorado. Today was a pretty good day. Only five hundred miles. No rush at all so we sat down and ate. We can’t unload until 9 a.m. our time. A couple of things. Stopped at a truck stop to use a final bathroom break. They had a whole bunch of pot accessories at the truck stop. We stopped at a rest area to let the boys out. While there Schnider tried to take out a light pole.