February map

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Here is the map of where we unloaded and reload for February.


Is spring near

We are finally getting to enjoy some warmer temps. It still is snowing at least a dusting every week and we still have snow on the ground from the big blizzard in January. But it’s not just getting as cold at night. The days are warmer. We have driven through rain showers instead of snow.

Yet at the same time neither Cinch or the horses are clumping hair out as they shed. So that tells me cooler weather is probably still coming baxk.


We are in Lincoln, Nebraska tonight and have no clue what’s next. Today we are dragging. We stayed up way to late a couple nights this weekend with a good friend. We went to northeast Colorado two hours from the house to load and unload. From there over to Lincoln.

Sunday night

Here it is Sunday night and our long weekend is over. I spent two days of it driving four plus hours. That was a big chunk of time. I have us packed up and ready to go. We have enjoyed having Wrangler best friend up for the weekend. We needed that.


Here is a vent post. I am so frustrated right now. So SIL was suppose to move next weekend. We have a fridge for her house. We were suppose to go up Saturday to take it and help. Four o’clock this afternoon she is moving tomorrow. She needs it. I was up there yesterday on my errands. Now because Wrangler has a list to still accomplish guess who gets to go tomorrow. I am so mad. Not at Wrangler but at his family. He is not happy with them either but if I am beyond mad. We were gone for three weeks. I still have bookwork and laundry to do. I also have prep work for moms birthday to do.