Reasons why we hesitate 

Wrangler and I have been asked why we dont start our family already.  Everyone says I only have a couple of years and I am high risk.  We have settled on one.  Will it be one of our own or an adopted one I don’t know.

The world we live in makes us hesitant to bring an innocent child into this world.   With all of the shootings,  with all the human trafficking,  with all the lies, with bullying at all time highs, with a nation who has totally lost common sense.  I think we are smart to hesitate.   I think as a nation we have lost the ability to think for ourselves.  We beleive what the media tells us.  We beleive everything we see on social media and the internet.  We have stopped asking the important questions.  We have lost our morals and values.  Losing them makes on the law accountable for our actions.  And the law if you have enough money or the right connections can leave the innocent party hanging.  

We live in a country that is sue happy.  We live in a country that treats the ones who gave so much to protect us living worse than a murderer in prison.  The hand shake is a thing of the past because no one’s word is good.  Instead of trying to be civil humans and try to work out problems amongst each other we have to get the whole world involved. 

This is why we hesitate. 


The south

One thing about the south is the fact that they like to feed people and feed tou well.  Wrangler and I have never walked away hungry or disappointed from a catfish buffet.   We ate one earlier and I had to take a nap.  Wrangler is napping as we wait in line.


A couple things.  Alabama is a long ways from where we call home in Kansas.  People in the south are either the most daring drivers or the stupidest.   Three why cant I fall asleep.  The last few nights have been up and down nights.  Four is try boiled peanuts if you ever get a chance.

Black Friday 

We did venture to town today on black Friday.   We skipped Wal-Mart today.   Instead we to only  two stores with black Friday sales.  We went in the afternoon when things had slowed down some.  Wrangler and I each picked up three pairs of jeans at less than normal prices.  We also picked up a ton of horse feed cheaply.  At another store Wrangler got his Christmas presents early.  We picked him up a couple sets of tools.  He has been needing a toolbox for the truck.   He now has 405 piece set.  He also picked up 30 wrenches for 30 dollars. 

The rest of the day I helped mom put up her outdoor decorations.  I have worked on a few crafts projects. Mom and I finished our shotgun ornaments.   They turned up cute.