So not ready

I need another month to be ready for this.  Hope the wife take is not true that we will have 31 shows this year because it snowed in the 31st.


Down time

Today we had to kill the whole day.  We were a business when the opened up this morning.  And right at five they got done installing the shakers in the trailer that make unloading easier on Wrangler.

Wrangler made phone calls until around nine.  He always has a lot of phone calls to make on Monday’s. 

We went to the truck dealership and had keys cut.  The truck came with only one key.   So to lock the truck up from outside you had to shut the truck off.  In the winter and summer we have to leave the truck run for the comfort of the boys.

We then went to a truck stop and ate lunch.  Wrangler picked up a couple of things.  

After lunch we went back to where our trailer was.  Wrangler worked on a couple minor maintenance things.  He also worked up setting a few things up in the truck.  I was reading a series I was told to try.   The rest of the afternoon we just kind of rested up because our week is going to be crazy. 

We loaded in Wichita.  Now we are at Dodge City where we will call it a night. Have a great one everyone. 

Not to bad

I feel like I accomplished a lot this weekend.    Some was work and some was fun. We left the house yesterday afternoon.   We got loaded 30 miles from home.  Than went back to the shop that screwed something up a couple weeks ago to get the radiator reinstalled on our generator.  The night shop manager from the start was down right nasty about it.  That the day crew needs to do it.  After about 15 minutes of the constant nasty treat Wrangler said open the doors I am leaving.  Cinch was trying to figure out how to get out to protect Daddy.  Well we called the manager of the whole place this morning.   I really wonder if there will be a new night shop manager in the future.  We went to Wichita where we unloaded.  And we unhooked our trailer at the place that is going to add an extra to it to help making unloading easier.   So we are relaxing until it’s done now.

100 jars

Mom and I have put up 100 jars of stuff out of the garden.  We have one more small batch and we will be done.   Today I worked on winter prep.  I got all the garden hoses, sprinklers, and garden tools put up for the year.  I got the snow shovel out so we are ready.   I went around and made sure the base of the house was still closed up.  And I just put away other odds and ins.  We winterized mom’s camper for her today.  I also made Halloween shaped sugar cookies today.  For supper I put a pork tenderloin with apricot jelly in the crock pot.  It was so good.

On another note I am pretty miserable.  They are harvesting grain sorghum aka Milo.  I am highly allergic to the dust.   It is my major fall killer for allergies.   Well if of course the coop co-op is using the ground pile pot across the road from us to store it.  I can not stop sneezing when I am outside.  And I can’t breath in general.  Wrangler has noticed how miserable I am and tonight he put Vicks in a tiny bowl and put it on the candle warmer by my chair to try and help.  

Last night

On our last night out on the road after a week and a half we are a hour from home.  In the morning at 9 we get to unload and head home.  For our first full week in our truck it’s not bad.  We are home until Sunday evening then will probably be out again for two weeks.