Oh the adventures we go 

Yesterday we went out to the harvest field around eleven after a small shower rained us out the night before.  We hailed corn until 8.  It ended up being around 9 loads.  Than we went to Wrangler regular boss’s where we are staying.  His boss has arthritis so bad he is hunched over but he still lives a busy life. Well the last few weeks have been a bad time for him.  He just does not feel well.  Well he also has a dog food business. He needed a load of it picked up this morning and did not feel up to it.  So at nine last night we hopped in a pick-up and stock trailer and went three hours to where we needed to pick up the dog food this morning. We slept in the pick-up so we were first in line this morning.   We are loaded and on our trek back.  We should get back to his boss’s house by 11.  Than we hop in a truck and hail corn until we get rained out or the elevator closes at 8.


Fall is here

These pictures are just of my big orange pumpkins.  I still have lots of green pumpkins and I left the mini pumpkins for now.

The boys and me.

Rex being Rex with me.

Goofy Rex.

Serious Rex.

Cinch and me.


Mom and her dog majesty.

Let’s go 

Both Wrangler and I are ready to go again in the semi.  The bank is being slow.


We have gotten some projects done at home. 
Today I switched tools from one tool box to the other.  The new truck Wranglers tool box will not work in so he needs the other one.  It’s the most organized the thing will ever be.  And I know I am going to hear complaints about finding things.   

I am making beirocks and pigs in the blanket for supper.  This is food  we can take to Wrangler boss’s house and just reheat. 

 Rex is healing up well.  Cinch has not been a very good boy since the day he started a fight with Rex.  Hopefully soon he will remember his manners. 

We are no longer having a heat wave.  Instead the tempatures temperatures are in the 60s and 70s.  Perfect weather to spend the day outside without dying from the heat.  

My garden is going crazy.  We are probably in the last ten to thirty days of the growing season.  I am happy and sad about that at the same time.  We are going to pick the Orange pumpkins tonight.  I am excited about that.

Catching up

Mom and I spent three hours canning tomatoes last night.  Tonight we put up green beans, broccoli, and cabbage. 

We ended up with 4.5 inches of rain over two days.  That makes 5 inches the last two months.

Wrangler and I worked on starting to prep for winter.  We put somethings up in the shop.  Simple tasks took a lot longer than usual.


After two months of just a half inch shower of rain which was just a little over a week ago we are blessed.  We came home to 3 inches in the rain gauge.   It’s been raining all morning and we have at least another inch.