I got this

Every thing I can do to prep for the lake except for the stuff I have to wait until tomorrow to do is done.  

I am working on picking up my house right now.   So that means this afternoon I will be relaxing some.



Hey everyone it’s Cinch.   Something is up in my life.  Brother and I communicated about it before he left.  He is in the semi with Dad.   Mom and I are home.   Mom and Dad have been talking excitedly for over a week now.

I figured out Sunday what it is.  We are going to the lake.  It’s my favorite place on earth.  What clued me in was when mom and dad loaded the camper on the back of the pick-up.

I love the lake because I get lots of attention.  I get to play all day.  Dad is more relaxed so we play hard.  I get to swim and swim.  I love the water.  I also get to see these weird creatures come out of the water while out on the boat.  Mom and dad are really excited to see them.  For some reason pics have to be taken of them even though they are so ugly.

Well I better help mom get ready so we can go.  When I hear dad come home I know our time to leave is near.  I am the lucky one.  I get to play all day as mom works outside.   Rex is stuck inside but he is old and lazy so he is probably okay with it.  Well I see a rabbit I got to go chase it away from mom’s garden.  See you later. 

Niece’s birthday 

Niece’s birthday went well.  Considering Wrangler step family was there and Wrangler’s step dad not has seen his son in over 3 years.  BIL had no respect left for his dad but was respectful.   My supposed step family in-laws treat me funny.  The grandpa is the only one who wants to talk to me.  The grandma likes to put stuff about my life down.  The step father will not say two words to me.  Well niece wanted to be with me all day.  So I carried niece and played with her.  She loves me. She only really is okay to be with me if not her parents. MIL and her boyfriend I visited with.  I was so happy to leave but it could have been way worse.


Say some prayers for those effected by Hurricane Harvey.  Luckily where I live all we may see from Harvey is rain.  My cousin and her husband live in Houston.   They made the decision to stay.  Wrangler has two aunts and their families that live within two hours of Houston along the gulf in Louisiana who are in the wait and see phase.