When I got out of the shower last night this is the sight that greeted me.  It was to cute not to share.



We put up thirty bags of corn earlier.  Now it’s time to sit and relax.  I am a tired person.  I think I am going to have some zucchini bread and veg out in front of the tv.

Taking the husks off.

BIL cutting corn off the cob.

My freezer is full right now.  Once the corn freezes out to the shop it will go.

Threshing show part 2

Yesterday Wrangler, BIL, and my adventures took us to a threshing show.  I posted the first rounds of pictures this morning.  Here is the second round.

The favorite part of the boys day was running this plow.

They both loved this old car.

BIL had never been in one.  It’s not working. 

BIL goes A you should give Wrangler a kiss to distract him while I blindfold him.  Than I will lead him to jail.  It was said to loud and this shot followed.

Checking out the homemade tractor 

Wrangler explaining how the plow worked. 

The boys checking out a steam engine.

Threshing show

Yesterday Wrangler,  BIL, and I went to a threshing show.  I think there are going to be to post since I have a ton of pics. 

Old way of blading roads. 

Convoy of John Deere

Picking up bales

A homemade tractor. 

Old Diamond T

Steam engine races

Old fashion ice cream maker

A line of steam engines. 

Tractor pull

This week I have posted more photos than I have in a long time.  Last night Wrangler,  BIL, and I went to the tractor pull.  It got done with 15 minutes to spare before the rain came in.  We enjoyed it and BIL BILL is now hooked.  But $20 a person is really steal when there are 15 contestants only.

Last day

Yesterday was a lazy day.  We stayed at home all day.  The only difference is that my lazy day and BIL are different.   BIL day is sit in front of the tv all day.  Mine is still do stuff just not a ton of stuff.  So after four hours in front of the tv.  I took the remote and hid it.

After that he was mad at me but after throwing out the idea of frisbee golf he wanted to go.  Mom joined us.