Day 2

We are done with day two.  Unfortunately it ended soon then we wanted it to.  We showed up at the place for our next load a minute after three.  They would not load is because they stop loading at three.   We were told by the dispatcher and broker it was four when they stopped loading.  So we are in Moss Point, Mississippi for the night.  

We are also under a tornado warning here.  No more than 20 miles from the gulf and a tornado warning.   It’s scaring me some because we can not see it coming because of trees where back home it’s open.  Talking about being scared.  Lightening just struck in the truck stop parking lot.  The big boom made both of the boys crawl in my lap.  We are waiting the storm out to go shower and eat. 

We unloaded earlier in Demopolis, Alabama.  Than had to reroute in Mobile, Alabama for accidents.  The strangest request I have heard on the road happened today.  We were standing in line at the truck stop in Demopolis and a guy asked if they sell alligator eyes.  Wrangler asked what he does with them and he said he eats them.


Day 1

We pushed as hard as we could in Day 1.  We ended up around five hours from our destination near Memphis, Tennessee.   Got to head southeast in Day 2.  Than we can head north.  The two stops we made after being loaded was a fuel/bathroom break and a bathroom break. We have a busy couple of days ahead of us still.  All will be worth it when vacation starts next week.

17 days 

We are packed for 17 days on the road.  Luckily we have a vacation in the middle of that.  We are going to a family reunion in Iowa next week.  That is why we are going to be out for so long.  The next three days are going to be the hard pushers.  Than have a two day break.  Push hard for three than we have a three day break than who knows from there.  The fourth this year will be pushing hard so we can get to our vacation sooner.  We hope to be at the family reunion a week from today by dark. 


If we get to actually go on vacation our phones don’t work there.  I think that would be a great thing.   Wrangler needs a break from his job, needs a break from the one driver who annoys him on the phone by calling and calling.  I need a break from a childish sibling who has been adding to my stress level.  It seems like every time we come home something else adds to our stress level.  Home is not relaxing right now.

We are home packing and getting things done tonight.  We were suppose to be home this weekend but we need to go to Alabama.   

Texting rules

If you are going to randomly text someone after 10 p.m. and you have not been in contact with them for thirty minutes before then don’t.   I got a text message at 12:06.  I went to bed at 9 because we had to be up at 3.  So I texted her back right after I woke up.  People texting and calling late when there are no emergency irritates me.  My family if it’s after ten in the summer knows to wait.  If after 9 in the winter will text to see if I am awake.