All over

We unloaded at Columbia, South Carolina first thing.   The only good  thing about Eastern time is it gave us an early start.   We went into North Charelston and reloaded where some of the big ocean ships were. Than went stopped in the east side of Atlanta and went to bed for our reset.  Than up to only sit in traffic for ever because of a fire. Now we are in the treak over the the Mississippi where we will unload and reload in the morning. 



Today was a smoking hot day here in Columbia, South Carolina.  It was so humid the a.c. in the truck just could not keep up.  Than the rain hit and cooled things down.  Since arriving we have had the same routine in the evening.  We eat. We bowl which Wrangler sucked at both days.   We play in the arcade.   Wrangler is good at winning tickets and got some cool Bluetooth headphones.  I am not as good unless is the skeball. Tonight we showered before heading back in to the truck.  This was a good place to kill a day.

Pics are of the clouds.  A truck over the truckers entrance.  Wrangler bowling. 


We are in Columbia, South Carolina.  We have to unload Tuesday morning fifteen minutes away.  We are at a truck stop with a bowling alley.  This looks like a cool place.   I can’t wait to explore.

North Carolina 

We are at Asheville, North Carolina.  We are with in two hours of our destination.  We are in for our reset.  The sun is coming up and we decided to stop and sleep instead of dealing with traffic.  We have until Tuesday morning at 8 until we can unload.   Good night and have a wonderful Sunday 

Waiting traffic out

We had a great day until we hit the interstate.  It is crowded.  We are in a truck stop and showered and are.  We are going to bed now until dark.  

The river pics are of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers near where they merge.  The other pic I snapped of the boys in my seat together while Wrangler was pulling around to park at the truck stop after fueling up.

Awesome morning

This morning my mood is awesome.  It is a great day.  It’s kind of like being on vacation but not.   Before the truck went down I was looking forward to being home for two weeks.  But those two weeks I had at home my mood was not good because of the stress of the truck being down.  Yesterday was kind of chaotic with driving four hours to the truck.  Than getting everything settled into the truck.  Than getting loader.  By the time we got loaded I was exhausted.  But Wrangler wanted to drive more.  Since I am just along for the ride I went with it.  This morning I am refreshed.  I am excited to get a new state this trip. And am excited to see some territory I have only been through once six years ago when we were engaged and Wrangler’s boss at the time sent us after a new truck.