Blizzard warning 

We were now under a blizzard warning.  So far it’s rained and snowed all day.  Nothing has accumulated so far.  It melted as it came down but that’s suppose to change now that it’s dark. 

Top two are pics of the snow and what little had stuck. 

The pic of Wrangler and Rex snuggling the day away.

Cinch decide that this was the spot for a nap.

The other two pics of Rex I took when he had been in that position for more than ten minutes.


New phone 

I got a new phone today to figure out.  We were home around three.  Tonight I have not done as much as I probably should have but I am going to be inside this weekend because of cold snowy weather.

Big loop

We started out by Great Bend yesterday.  Ran up to Kansas City and unloaded and reloaded.  Than down between Great Bend and Dodge City for the night.  Wrangler is unloading now.  We get to pick up a load for Monday and then head home.  Since we are three hours from home that means an early day.  This is good because I think we be out for two weeks.  We are headed to the east coast next week.  Maybe we will get to see the ocean which will be a first for Wrangler.

Electronic hate

The last couple of weeks electronics hate me.  Two weeks ago my Kindle fire died after four and a half great years of service.  So I have been so lost without it.  Tonight my screen cracked on my phone.  Was in my purse and next time I went to use it was cracked. 

We unloaded near Pittsburg, Kansas this morning. Went right across the state line to Missouri to unload.  Than went to Dodge City and unloaded.  We are near Great Bend  for our reload in the morning.  

Lazy Monday 

What was suppose to be a very tight schedule Monday turned into a lazy day.  We started out a little over a hour out from our destination in Nebraska at Hastings.   We loaded and rushed to the plant and instead of using all four of the unload pits they were only using one.  We get unloaded and get in line to reload with a different product.   Well it took two hours longer than the time we had to leave to make our unload.  Once we were loaded we stopped and ate.  Then since we were in no huge hurry we took a hour nap.  We went down the road a couple of hours and showered and ate again.  We went on to where we unloaded this morning barely into Colorado and spent the night.   We  are barely out of Kansas this morning.