Monday again

As we hit  the road this week I pray for a less stressful week.  That Wrangler is less on edge.  That we have good loads.  That we have no break downs.  I am hoping to have a week to work on some projects.  To be able to relax.  A week of peace.


Lazy day

Wrangler and I had a lazy day.  I cooked supper and did laundry.   Otherwise I knitted some and just relaxed.  The only thing we really did today was drop a bale for the horses.  Hope everyone had a good weekend.


We are finally home.  We are waiting on Wrangler to crawl in bed.   He is going to have to clear the boys out of his spot.  They are snuggled up against me.  Good night all.  Hopefully we get a great night sleep 

Weekend is gone

Considering our weekend will start around eleven tonight our weekend is a short one.  I see lots of laundry in a small time period.  Wrangler and I are both physically tired tonight.  We should sleep well when we get home.  Have a good evening everyone.

Wrangler the mechanic 

Well Thursday we went from Springfield, Missouri area back to Dodge City where we unloaded and reloaded.  Than to the Texas Panhandle for the night.

Yesterday morning we unloaded snd and went back to Dodge City.  Reloaded went a half hour down the road and back to Dodge City where we met with the driver of our old truck.  

Wrangler and that driver is playing mechanic on that truck. Obviously that driver rides the brakes because none of them are more than eight months old.  Wrangler is making some extra money which is welcomed after the truck being in the shop an extra week.

Sleep where art thou

Since last Friday I have had one good night of sleep.  Wrangler has been restless.  We both have been stressed and that does not bring on the best of conditions.   This morning I woke up and decided that the mad men in my life have to go away for a while so I can feel less stressed.  Wrangler is in a great mood yesterday and today.  My brother apologized this morning.  

So now it’s Friday. This weekend Wrangler is playing mechanic it sounds like for another driver in the company.  Its a way for him to make extra money with the truck being down so much.

Mad men 

My title of this post sums up my week.  Monday was a great day.  It was an awesome day.  Than Tuesday and yesterday Wrangler was mad and short tampered.   Last night I finally got Wrangler to laugh.  Today Wrangler is himself.  Than my brother called and he is mad.  I have talked to him like ten times today and he is worse each time.  So I am hoping tomorrow is a better day.