Hard at work

Last week Wrangler told his dispatcher he need to run hard a couple weeks.  The truck being down a week longer than it should of had hurt us.  Since the first of December the truck has been down at least one week each month.  That means a quarter of our income for the month is gone.  Wrangler has no set income it is determined by the loads we haul.  Well we have cut back a lot.  We did not take our anniversary trip we had planned.  We cut some extras out  of our life.  Well now his dispatcher is not going to be happy tomorrow.  Delays loading put us hours behind. We probably are not getting unloaded or reloaded tomorrow.  We will be fourteen hours from home.  I doubt we will make it home this weekend.  I am okay with this because I am with Wrangler.  In a reset we are going to have to run a load of laundry though or pop in on a relative for a couple of hours.


6 thoughts on “Hard at work

  1. Ugh. 😦
    I hope the truck runs well from now on…and the work goes smoother. It is so tough when your income is affected by so many uncontrollable things. 😦
    I really hope you can take an anniversary trip sometime soon, even tho’ it will be late. you can still celebrate anytime. πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) and prayers for safety!

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