Answered prayers

In the last week a prayer has been answered for a lot of people.  A prayer for rain.  Between drizzly days last week on Friday and Sunday we had a half inch of wonderful  moisture. 

Well a more wide spread rain hit not only northwest Kansas where we live but over the fire ravaged states from earlier this month.  Texas, Oklahoma,  Kansas,  and Colorado received rain.  A good rain with more chances today and later this week.  

Every one is happy.  We were worried about more fires.  People who had never thought of that happening made plans of actions to keep their families and livelyhood safer.  We have plans for blizzards and tornadoes but never thought of a plan for fires.

Farmers and ranchers in my area were worried about crops and snow.   Last year may have been the wettest year in thirty years for northwest Kansas but the rain did not cure the after effects of years of drought. When the faucet turned off in mid September we did not know it would be for six months.  We thought there would be snow  but received such little snow other than to dust the ground.  Last year we ended up with feet of it that laid in piles for months.  We wondering if we would have to feed our horses bales all summer without any tasty grass for them to enjoy.

One rain does not cure all the problems.   If this is the only rain for six months we will have all kinds of problems again.  It brings us hope.  Hope that rain will come.  Hope that we will survive.   


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