We are in Arkansas tonight.  Today has been a good day.  If anyone was listening to us in the truck they probably would have found us crazy.  We feed off each other pretty well.  Tonight as we are supper there was a drunk last in the restuarnt talking as loud as you can about internet dating.  Everyone in that section of the restuarnt was trying not to laugh.  Well sleep well and have an awesome Friday. 


All is well

When dispatch expects the impossible and you know it’s not going to happen like Wrangler and I woke up this morning knowing.  Than dispatch calls and you dread the response when you say tomorrow morning.  And dispatch was actually play with that.  Our day is going to go lots better than expected because of that one call.

Hard at work

Last week Wrangler told his dispatcher he need to run hard a couple weeks.  The truck being down a week longer than it should of had hurt us.  Since the first of December the truck has been down at least one week each month.  That means a quarter of our income for the month is gone.  Wrangler has no set income it is determined by the loads we haul.  Well we have cut back a lot.  We did not take our anniversary trip we had planned.  We cut some extras out  of our life.  Well now his dispatcher is not going to be happy tomorrow.  Delays loading put us hours behind. We probably are not getting unloaded or reloaded tomorrow.  We will be fourteen hours from home.  I doubt we will make it home this weekend.  I am okay with this because I am with Wrangler.  In a reset we are going to have to run a load of laundry though or pop in on a relative for a couple of hours.

Crazy deer

So I have seen deer in town before.  But I have never seen twenty of them at once.  There was almost deer splattered every where when a trucker (not us we were parked across the street watching) came in a little fast and there were deer every where.   Some how he did not hit any.  I bet that truck driver is wide awake now wondering if he saw that right. 

Answered prayers

In the last week a prayer has been answered for a lot of people.  A prayer for rain.  Between drizzly days last week on Friday and Sunday we had a half inch of wonderful  moisture. 

Well a more wide spread rain hit not only northwest Kansas where we live but over the fire ravaged states from earlier this month.  Texas, Oklahoma,  Kansas,  and Colorado received rain.  A good rain with more chances today and later this week.  

Every one is happy.  We were worried about more fires.  People who had never thought of that happening made plans of actions to keep their families and livelyhood safer.  We have plans for blizzards and tornadoes but never thought of a plan for fires.

Farmers and ranchers in my area were worried about crops and snow.   Last year may have been the wettest year in thirty years for northwest Kansas but the rain did not cure the after effects of years of drought. When the faucet turned off in mid September we did not know it would be for six months.  We thought there would be snow  but received such little snow other than to dust the ground.  Last year we ended up with feet of it that laid in piles for months.  We wondering if we would have to feed our horses bales all summer without any tasty grass for them to enjoy.

One rain does not cure all the problems.   If this is the only rain for six months we will have all kinds of problems again.  It brings us hope.  Hope that rain will come.  Hope that we will survive.   


Tonight we are in Iowa.  Headed northeast tomorrow from here.  I can tell I am ran down because I am exhausted usually Monday’s I have more energy than this.   But a week with horrible sleep will do that.  The last two nights have been nice where we actually slept better.