We are near Fremont, Nebraska.  Today turned out well.  Started the day with a really grumpy Wrangler but as the day went on and he woke up he was in a much better mood.  


Happy Monday 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was good.  We had a great day yesterday.   We did something that was fun in the afternoon.   It turned out to be a great day weather wise.   About twenty degrees cooler than it has been. 

Well we are almost ready to head out.  All we got to load is a few odds and ins.  We have to just start the truck up. Wrangler and the boys are still asleep so I well let them sleep some more.

Have a great week.

Home time

We got home around noon yesterday.  We went to town and ran our errands.   Today we just did stuff around the house.  Wrangler worked on the truck.  My brother is here for the weekend. I am making a birthday supper for mom and Wrangler.  They have birthdays Wednesday and Thursday this week.  

Dirty thirties 

This is in the Texas Panhandle today.  It’s was a very brutal wind.  I have never seen sand drift across a road like snow.  Have some blowing dirt pics I will post next week.  We are loaded with our last load of the week done with unloads and on our reset.  I can not fall asleep.  Should be home early tomorrow afternoon. 

Hard push 

We have had a hard push.  We drove as far as logs would allow last night.  And finished the twelve hour trip today. We are in the Texas Panhandle in the Herford area unloading.  Here are some pics for you to enjoy.  

Weird foggy sunrise yesterday morning in Missouri.

Awesome sunset in Missouri.

Strange cloud in the Texas Panhandle.


Foggy morning 

We are having a foggy morning.  We started our day out southwest of Hannibal, Missouri a hour and a half.  We are unloading and reloading.

Yesterday we reloaded in the Dodge City,  Kansas area.  Went right outside of McPherson, Kansas and unloaded and reloaded before hitting the road.  

Today what we are loading has twelve hours to go.  We won’t make it all the way today.   We will be crossing parts of four states on this run.


I remember the world I grew up in when promises meant that a person would do there all to follow through.  Trust was higher between people.  Handshakes were perfectly acceptable in many deals and were followed through with.  The world did not get offended at every little thing.  The world was not torn in two.

Well look at the world today. A promise means nothing.  You can have what you thought was a legally binding contract.  Yet one tiny little loop hole will allow the bad guy or the big guy to win ruining the little guy.  Anything you say will offend somebody.  It could be the sky is gray today.  It also means in our personal relationships that the promise means very little to so many people.

Wrangler and I are dealing with a situation with another party that promise very seldom come through.  It’s a frustrating process.

When did lies become acceptable.  I remember getting spanked when I was a child for lying.   Yet in today’s world I don’t believe a lot of what comes out of people’s mouths.   

It seems like if you lie you get rewarded.  Yet people with solid proof of a problem are the losers.  The people who tell the truth are rewarded with losing everything that means anything to them while the liar goes on their way.   

When did the country get turned so around.  You know a year ago if you did not call into work for protesting you could probably gotten away with it.  So many were fired last week after protesting.  You do have a promise as an employee.  It’s that you will let your boss know when you are not coming to work so that they can find someone else to cover for the hole you being gone will cause.