Tonight we are in McPherson, Kansas.  We went to Dodge City.  Unloaded, reloaded, went just outside of town unloaded and back to the other side of town to reload.  Than to here where we had a little bit of a wait that I killed in Pinterest.  Wrangler told Cinch.  Watch out she is on Pintrest let the crazy ideas began.  We waited for twenty minutes to be seated at Montana Mikes.  Two workers stared right at us and did nothing.  So we walked across the parking lot to Pizza Hut.  We had a great waitress there.  In the morning we will load and hit the road into Missouri.


2 thoughts on “McPherson 

  1. Ha! I love what Wrangler told Cinch! 😀

    That’s frustrating about the restaurant. :-/ You’d think they’d want business and would be quick to welcome and take orders, etc. But, I know places that are like that, too. 😦

    Glad things were better at Pizza Hut! 🙂

    When you get into Missouri, give a big wave and say, “Hey, to all of Carolyn’s relatives!”
    Some of my very fav relatives live there! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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