Funny moment

Cinch was in the driver seat looking out the rolled down window.  He waits until a guy walks directly below him and he let out a bark.  The guy jumped four feet and said bad words.  I laughed so hard. Wrangler was unloading the truck and heard what he yelled but not what happened.  He laughed when he heard.  The really funny thing was that the guy saw us earlier and knew we had dogs with us.


4 thoughts on “Funny moment

  1. Way to go, Cinch! 😀 You’re doing your job of protecting AND you’re keeping those human-beans on their toes! 😀

    HA! I laughed just picturing this! And I don’t even know what the guy said! 😀 In my head, I’m thinking the guy yelled, “Heck and darn it! What the freak?! That scared the crap outa’ me!” 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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